Sat 6th March: Busy at home

My infrequent days at home give me the opportunity to do things that need doing but I don’t normally have time for.  Like the monthly accounts and washing the puppies.  There are a pair of absolutely gorgeous girl pups, almost identical with their fluffy grey-and-white coats, and this Sunday they will be making their first (and hopefully last) appearance at Whiskers’n’Paws.  I’d noticed that the white fur had a yellowish tinge and assumed it was because they’d been lying in pee (their section does get cleaned, honestly!), but after a good scrubbing in the shower I realised that this was actually part of their natural colouring.  These two are so unusual and so adorable it would be lovely if they could be adopted as a pair, but individually would be fine too.

The poor, mangy poodle puppy that I picked up from AFCD on Friday moved to a foster home today.  That was a great relief, not only because the little thing needed some home comforts, but also because scabies is highly infectious and the last thing we need is for other dogs to catch it.  It’s easy to treat, but still prevention is always better than cure.

It was a happy day too for husky girl, Libby, and lovely Lennox, a sweet mixed boy (mongrel).  I love getting text messages like “Libby adopted” when I’m away from kennels.  I’m sure both dogs were pleased to be leaving for the last time, but not all dogs feel that way.  In fact on Thursday I decided to take

Scooter: mini doberman pinscher or giant miniature pinscher?

Scooter back to Lamma to join the “small house” brigade.  These include Derek, Cooper,  Mina, Muji, Porky, Kimberly, Tofu, Squirrel (a long term resident), Gecko and a few other small dogs.  They have the freedom to come and go as they please,  from the house to the garden, and also enjoy frequent visits to the beach (on their doorstep) and the quarry, a paradise for dogs and humans.   I thought that Scooter would enjoy life there, but no, he wouldn’t leave the kennels. We got as far as a few yards from the gates and that was it.  All he wanted to do was to run back to the office, his home for the past few months, and clearly a place that he likes being in.  So, Scooter stays where he is, until he finds a real home that is.

What a difference a haircut makes.  Would you have recognised that these two dogs were the same one?  Here’s Porky before and after:


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