Weds 3rd March: Cody needs a home

Collie and spitz, both 4 years old

I think today must have been one of the busiest for surrender calls.  A samoyed, bichon frise, golden retriever, collie and Japanese spitz (together), just a few of many dogs needing new homes.  Both the bichon and samoyed have only been with their current owners a very short time, but long enough to be surplus to requirements.  They’ll be easy enough to re-home but that’s not the point.  What on earth were these people thinking when they got the dogs?  The samoyed owner lives in public housing (dogs not allowed) and the bichon was adopted (from whom I wonder?) only three days ago.  Actually I know the answer, it’s that these are really “cutie” dogs, great for showing off to friends – for a while.

It’s just as well that these sorts of dogs move through the system very quickly, as we have to make space for all the newcomers.  And although every dog needs and deserves a home as much as the next, it’s the mongrel adoptions that really count for us.  One of the young puppies at kennels got a home yesterday, and we got confirmation that our lovely Nina would be staying where she was being fostered.

We're happy for Foo that she has a home now

She’s not a mongrel, but we were all also very happy to know that Foo won’t be coming back either.  She’s the Boston terrier girl who went off for a few days to see if she could get on with her would-be “brother”, a boxer called Bruiser, and it seems they like each other.  Foo’s not a bad dog, but she and our resident office dog, a basenji called Zidane, really didn’t see eye to eye. 

It was a final goodbye for one of our oldies who was adopted a while back by volunteer Terry, who also gave dalmation Spotty a home recently. Obi, a large mongrel, was already fourteen years old when I got him from AFCD, and now he has joined Grandad, another pensioner rescued by Terry, in the Great Kennel in the Sky.  Thank you, Terry, for giving the no-hopers much more than just hope, but the reality of a wonderful home to end their days.

There’s a special re-homing case that I’m hoping can be resolved soon.  Cody is a young beagle cross who came to us along with her two sisters from a breeder (obviously there was an accident somewhere along the line).  All three girls were lovely and quite easily found homes where they were much loved.  Now Cody’s “parents” have suddenly been sent back to the UK, and as much as they love her it takes six months for all the paperwork to be done or Cody would have to spend that time in quarantine.  Six months is way too long (and also totally unnecessary, but that’s the law).  So Cody needs a new home.  She’s a fantastic medium-sized dog, and would be a perfect family member.  She’s great with everyone and all dogs and she must find a new home very soon.

Beagle cross Cody, a wonderful family dog


3 Responses to “Weds 3rd March: Cody needs a home”

  1. Pato Says:

    So pleased that Foo finally found a new home. I agreed she is not bad dog instead she is very sweet. I will miss her, hope she will live happily and nicely in new home and don’t fight anymore.

  2. Abby and Lou Says:

    I hope all the running around will tire out Foo. Think she just had too much energy and couldn’t or didn’t know how to release it.

  3. Angie Says:

    Foo is doing fine she is my neighbor now.She has a great mom,a brother and a very good helper who loves her so much.

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