Tues 2nd March: No email, no water

Two very important things didn’t work today: e-mail service and water (at home).  I wondered why I wasn’t getting the usual steady flow of incoming mail, and then got a message from (trainer) Mark to say that he too wasn’t receiving anything.  It wasn’t until this morning (Wednesday) that everything was back up and running, so apologies to anyone who didn’t hear back from me.  I try to reply to everything straight away, or I get such a backlog it’s impossible to deal with.

I got back from my morning walk hot and sweaty, and headed straight for the shower as normal only to find there was no water coming out of the taps.  I called around to see if any of the other houses in the bay had water and no, nobody did.  I had a meeting I had to get too, so all I could so was wash with wet wipes!  Actually they work quite well, although I couldn’t wash my hair of course.  Thankfully normal service has now been resumed on both email and water.

This is what the site looks like now. Still a long way to go

Having missed going to AFCD yesterday because of the site handover, and knowing that I had a meeting to go to again today, I made a point of getting over early so I could at least run to AFCD before having to leave for the meeting.  I took out the bulldog and a surrendered white Pekingese before handing them over to Sandra and running out.  Alice gave the bulldog a great name, Meatball, while I used a name (Steve) suggested by some student

Meatball - not as scary as he looks

volunteers for the peke.    Meatball has the usual bulldog skin problem (demodex), so he’s started on treatment to deal with it, but it does give him a rather scary red look.   He’s a friendly enough guy though, and young too, although having the now-common pet shop microchip with no registered owner, I could only guess his age at around one year old. 

Steve looks happy with his new name

I think Steve is quite an original and unusual name for a peke, although he is a very typical white peke in every other way.  You either love or hate these little tough guys who all think they are princes (and princesses).  They have a very distinctive manner and attitude, and are quite happy to show their displeasure by using their teeth.  The other side, and what makes the breed so popular, is their huge personality and character, and their loyalty to their owner once a bond has been established.  They make me laugh, even though I make a point of keeping a snapping distance between myself and any peke that I haven’t established a friendship with.  Steve is a very active six year old who was surrendered to AFCD because his owner could no longer look after him (or so I was told).  Who knows what the real stories are?

The subject of pets, particular dogs, being evicted from residential complexes that previously allowed, or at least tolerated, them being there is the subject of a meeting being held this evening (Wednesday) at the Boys & Girls Club, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, from 8pm-11pm.   “Know Your Rights Pets Owners Forum” will offer help and advice for any dog owner who is facing the terrible choice of getting rid of their pet or having to leave their home.  This is happening all too frequently now, and if you live in a building where dogs aren’t specifically permitted you might want to find out what your rights are if you are ever suddenly told your dog must go.

Some nice photo updates……..

Bizzy turned into a great children's dog

Happy Cooper swimming with Derek


2 Responses to “Tues 2nd March: No email, no water”

  1. Diana Says:

    Sally, I know someone bought a female Tibetan Mastiff and a male Rottweiller, trying to breed puppies from them. I won’t be surprised if one day you find crosses of these 2 breeds at AFCD.

  2. Julian Says:

    Dear Sally,

    good to hear that the site has been handed over. 😉


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