Sun 28th February: Still need bricks!

It was a busy day around Hong Kong today, with both the Standard Chartered Marathon and Animals Asia Walk for Harmony taking place.  Whiskers’n’Paws was still very busy, but only one puppy and a chihuahua found homes.

Stanley (most Hong Kong collies are tan with a black mask)

To compensate, there was a “biggie” at the kennels with the adoption of Stanley, one of the beautiful Hong Kong collies from Chung Hom Kok.  I’m sure there are more of these dogs being produced on a regular basis as the owner still won’t have the adults desexed.  I really can’t understand why someone who is so blatantly allowing his dogs to have puppies which then run wild isn’t forced to do something about it.  The owner is well known to AFCD and there are many, and continous, complaints about him and the dogs, but the only thing that is ever done is that the dogs are caught and brought to AFCD kennels at Pokfulam, where the burden of responsibility falls on me (HKDR) to take them or allow them to be killed.  These are lovely dogs, not only very beautiful, but with sweet natures too.  I don’t want them to die just because the law can’t deal with the situation, and the very obvious solution.  Desex the dogs.  A simple and permanent solution.

I was saddened to read that there is yet another Tibetan mastiff being touted on Facebook as needing a home.  This is  another case of total stupidity, ignorance and pure selfishness.  A puppy taken from its mother at only four weeks, far too young for any puppy, and bought by someone because he was “curious”.  Now it’s all too much.  The danger of Facebook is that this puppy will be taken by yet another moron, and there are plenty of those around.  I saw the interest in Betty, the Tibetan mastiff pup just adopted, so I know how many other “curious” people there are who would love to have a fluffy puppy for a week or so.  I hope I can get this poor animal before anyone else does, and at least ensure it goes to a suitable home.

Our Buy a Brick campaign continues, and at Whiskers’n’Paws you can see what the end result will look like.  They’re been posting the “bricks” up on a wall, and this is how many they’ve sold so far.  Please don’t forget that we really, really need to keep the funds coming in to help us pay for the new kennels. Click here to buy online, or you can buy at the kennels or Whiskers’n’Paws.

Growing wall of bricks


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