Sat 27th February: Betty finds a home

Betty has gone to live on Lantau where she'll have lots of dog friends and a big garden to play in

It was a busy day at kennels, as weekends usually are, and it wasn’t any surprise that Betty the Tibetan mastiff puppy was adopted at her first interview.  In fact while I was waiting for her would-be family to arrive, a large crowd of admirers had gathered around this ball of fluff, all wanting to take a photo or cuddle her.  I even started to tell people it was $5 a photo, $10 a touch and $20 for a cuddle.  I was joking, but I could have raked in quite a decent amount in donations.

In my quest for durable dog beds, I have another idea which I’d like to try out.  For this I need single-size, tubular metal-frame beds.  If you have any lying around that you no longer use or want, please send them my way.

(This blog was edited and comments removed to put an end to what was turning into an unpleasant exchange of opinions).


11 Responses to “Sat 27th February: Betty finds a home”

  1. Sally Says:

    Yes, it was reported to the police immediately.

  2. Sally Says:

    I know what type of metal framing you’re talking about but thought the beds are better because the corners are rounded and there are not bolts or screws sticking out. They are also ready made, a big bonus!

  3. Dominique Says:

    Hi Sally and everyone at HKDR,
    Just to let you all know that Betty is settling in well at home; her and Twix (the small dark street dog we adopted about 3 months ago) are getting along particularly well and have been playing together all morning (although I’m sure this will change when she starts to grow!).
    Teddy the Labradoodle is also doing amazingly- what a wonderful kind dog he is! and we’re all trying to make sure he doesn’t feel left out by the new addition.
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your help; all 3 dogs we’ve adopted in the last few months are all such a joy.

  4. Barbara Lee Says:

    I do not have a metal frame for the type of bed you are looking for. I do have a single wooden bed frame (no mattress). It was the top bunk of a bunk bed. It’s in good condition rarely used. I would like to donate it to HKDR if you can use it. It’s just sitting in the storage. I can drive it over to your new Lantau site in April, just let me know.

  5. Yolanda Yan Says:

    I don’t believe it. Someone in facebook wants to surrender another one month old TM. The reason of him/her getting it in the first place is very stupid. Aren’t people think?!

    • Sally Says:

      Send me the details as we had a few good homes. But one month? Really should still be with the mother, especially a dog that size. This is why so many dogs develop behaviour problems.

  6. Ines Korzep Says:

    hi!, thx for the info, this post was very great ! I just received a copy of a Nice Mastiff Book. Wow! I recommend it for anyone thinking of getting a mastiff !

    • Sally Says:

      Here’s an idiot who thinks he (she) can use the blog to promote a product. Wow, Ines, anyone thinking of getting a mastiff shouldn’t be reading my blog!

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