Fri 26th February: Another month

It was one of those mad days today (again).  I actually made it to a meeting in Central without a last minute diversion to the vet, and from there went straight to the kennels to await delivery of a new batch of inmates from

Bizzy lost his nervousness

Kowloon AFCD.  Fortunately, at the same time that the new dogs arrived, little mini pin Bizzy was just leaving to go to his new home.  The tiny teacup mini pin, Minnie, had gone to a foster home the previous day so that meant we had at least two spaces for little newcomers in the office.

The newbies are all small dogs, and all very sweet.  There’s a poodle cross, Curly, spitz (like a big pom), Pommy, shih tzu Bing and a Maltese (can’t remember what I called him!)  By the time I left, after they had all has their basic vet checks and jabs,  they were being given drastic haircuts to relieve them of the smelly mops that they were wearing. A shampoo and blow dry takes time, and I’m sure the dogs feel so much better without a thick fur coat anyway.


One of the doglets from Lamma, Jubbly, was competing with kennel dog Fleur for a home in the US, a dream come true for every dog that wants endless land to run in and squirrels to chase.  Jubbly was suffering from sea sickness and first time nerves (first adoption interview, and away from home too), while Fleur has never been the most relaxed of dogs at the best of times.  She’s older than Jubbly, and came to us with her mother,


Buffy, a wonderful and wise dog who used to sit every day on a big wooden armchair and watch the world go by from her perch.  Luckily the would-be adopters understand that dogs need time, and have been through the process before.  I don’t know at this point which of the two candidates will be chosen, and I can’t even say who I hope it will be because I want them both to have a chance like this.  Update:  I’ve just heard that BOTH dogs will be going!  Oh yesss!!!!

I’m asked on a daily basis about the date of the move to Lantau, and for details on the new site.  It’s a complicated process as we’re starting completely from scratch, and I don’t have definitive answers to anything, but I can tell you that our landlords have kindly granted us an extension of stay at Pokfulam until the end of April which is a huge relief.


9 Responses to “Fri 26th February: Another month”

  1. Rachael Says:

    OMIGOD…..That is the best news EVER Fleur is going to home in the US!!!!! They’ll have to take it slow with her she may run given the chance, but once she settles she’ll make a wonderful family member. Will they go directly there or stay with the family in HK first?

    • Sally Says:

      Going straight there. Luckily this family know all about how to handle the settling in issues, and accepted Fleur’s nervousness without blinking.

  2. Norma M Says:

    What wonderful news!
    I am so envious of all the people able to adopt or foster as it is just not possible for me. I hope they setlle well and the trip to the US is not too stressful for them.
    How is Spotty/George settling in? Did you know that a lot of Dalmations are born deaf and I think that may be the case with Spotty. Has anyone else noticed that he appears to be deaf?

  3. ivy Says:

    what a great news for Fleur, she has been waiting for a long time!!

  4. ivy Says:

    thanks Swire for their understanding and extension ^^

  5. vivian Says:

    Great news on the adoptions! What a relief on the extension.

  6. Marie Says:

    OH WOW WOW!!!! that is the BEST NEWS:):):) I am so happy for them-wow!!! yaaaay Fleur!!!!! xxxxxxx

  7. eu Says:

    so touched to see both dogs going to US.
    thanks to the landlord for the extension. await for updates about the site.

  8. Angie Says:

    So happy for Fleur 1 of my babies .It really made me cry.

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