Sat 20th February: Murphy gives me a scare

Murphy before his haircutI had a day at home today, although as usual my planned rest didn’t materialise as hoped.  It started with hearing Murphy, my feisty/angelic terrier cross, cry out while I was getting the others ready for our morning walk.  For some reason Murphy can’t climb down the spiral staircase by himself, although he can run up without any problem, and this means that he has to wait for me to carry him.  Hearing his cries, I ran upstairs to find him quite upset about something, but no way of figuring out what it was.  We did the walk without any incidents, and Murphy annoyed the big dogs as he ususally does, but later he cried again, and seemed to be in pain.   I put him on my bed and checked him over, but nothing elicited any response and he was very subdued. 

I carried on with my day as normal, but when I later found  him lying very quietly in his bed I started to get quite worried.  Moving him to my own bed, I lay down beside him for a while (joined by Inky and Sandy), and had another all-over feel.  Still nothing.  In fact, until now (Sunday morning), and following a sleepless night as I fretted over a very quiet and still Murphy, I still don’t know what’s wrong.  I was afraid to sleep in case I woke to find him dead, but he’s still here and even agreed to let me carry him outside the front gate for his morning constitutional.  Now I can only hope that it was something he ate, or a 24-hour bug or whatever.  Those who know Murphy will also know he’s a real character, and I love him for his funny ways.

Becky has a special spot right in front of the washroom so you couldn't miss her

At kennels our sweet office puppy, Becky, was adopted.  Another sharpei cross – that’s three in two days! (Wrinky and Nina yesterday).  I know that the fact that Becky, and Tickle who was also adopted recently, were right there when anyone walked through the door to the office and washroom, helped them find homes, and now I want to move another puppy into that space.  I’m thinking about one of the Nutcases that moved to Lamma a couple of weeks ago.  They’re so incredibly cute, but too big now for Whiskers’n’Paws, and they’ll miss out if not seen.  If my cunning plan works, I can use it as a ploy to home puppies one by one.

Bosco is back at kennels

Poor Bosco has been returned to kennels, and we’re all so worried for him as when he was with us before he simply refused to eat and was fading away.  He was adopted, but freaked out when being put into the car (and who can blame him, as he’d never been in a car before) and that was enough to make the adopters decide not to keep him.  Judging a dog on one moment of fear is a real shame, and we all feel upset and disappointed.  Now we can only hope that Bosco gets another chance – and soon.


4 Responses to “Sat 20th February: Murphy gives me a scare”

  1. Barbara Lee Says:

    Bosco adopters if you are reading this please realise that most dogs have never been in a car so it is quite natural for them to freak out. Please give Bosco another chance. If you have to muzzle him to feel secure in the car I suggest you do so. My adopted puppy did this to on the way home and we muzzled him and we held him in the car and talked to him all the way home. Try this. Perhaps the HKDR can ask a volunteer to go along for the ride home.

    • Sally Says:

      Trainer Mark corrected me and said that it was getting out of the car that scared Bosco, not getting into it. Whichever, it was still Bosco’s first experience of travelling, and he is now back at kennels.

  2. Ling Says:

    Never been in a car before just needs simple training, or maybe they associate getting into the car as being abandoned again, basically, they just need time to adjust.

    My dog Lyla, when fresh out from HKDR (apart from her first trip home where she happily jumped into the taxi), used to throw a fuss whenever we got into a taxi, and even more so when I had to pick her up to put her in the car. Now she’s ok, as long as she gets to climb in herself, you just have to ignore the traffic build up behind sometimes…

  3. SY Says:

    The first time getting into a car, taxi or even an elevator is a daunting experience for many kennel dogs. All they need is encouragement and some time..

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