Fri 19th February: Wrinky and Nina

I had to take some puppies over to kennels to meet potential adopters, and also took Kimberly, one of the very early HKDR rescues from AFCD.  A

Pretty Kimberly as she was when she first arrived

dainty and pretty chihuahua cross, Kimberly should have been adopted a long time ago but she was always so nervous when taken to homing events that it was impossible for anyone to really see how sweet she was.  She had been attacked by a big dog and had had an injured back leg, and although it had healed she was paranoid about anyone touching it. Now it’s been four, or even five, years and I was happy to see that Kimberly had finally become confident enough to sit happily on my lap and enjoy the trip over in the sampan, while giving me frequent kisses.  I wasn’t too keen on these, as her breath was pretty rancid and a quick check by the vet confirmed that she really needed some serious dental work.  She’s booked in for next Tuesday, and after that she’ll be raedy for a home of her own at long last.

Wrinky still has a 6-month wait but he's got a home to go to

The puppies were being viewed with the prospect of being taken back to England, but I was really happy when it was sharpei cross Wrinky who was chosen instead.  It’s going to take six months to get all the necessary documents, blood tests and so on arranged, but then Wrinky will be living in the countryside with his new family.  Wrinky had been adopted before as a puppy, but came back to us at nine months of age when the family split up and he was left homeless again.  Since then he’s been top of my list to show potential adopters, and today was finally his day (again).

There was another lucky sharpei cross today; Nina.  She’s gone off to a potential home to make sure that she and the current resident dog  get on and as long as they do, she’s in.  Good luck Nina!

Nina - be lucky!

One of the group of young puppies who have been living at kennels instead of Lamma was also adopted.  He’s the only fluffy one in the litter, and it was love at first sight for the adopter.  All of the pups in this group are very sweet, and while Darko is different because of his coat and colour (black, while the rest are reddy-brown), there is another pup, Garland, who is also easily distinguishable.  While at the vet yesterday having vaccinations, we noticed that this puppy has what can only be described as an exceptionally pronounced overbite, which means that the top part of the jaw extends way further than the lower part.  It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems with eating, and gives Garland a funny-cute face.  I’ve seen this in pups before but never to this extent, and maybe it will give Garland a good chance of being chosen, either because she’s different or because some kind person will feel sorry for her.  Let’s hope.

On Thursday we had another group of US Navy volunteers at kennels, this time from the aircraft carrier Nimitz.  Usually we ask the sailors to do work around the kennels, maybe renovations or moving heavy stuff around, but because we’re going to be leaving Pokfulam soon it’s pointless.  So instead the volunteers were asked to walk dogs, and here they are with their four-legged charges:

Volunteer dog walkers from the US Navy


5 Responses to “Fri 19th February: Wrinky and Nina”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Awww so happy for Wrinky, so difficult to see a dog that has been in a home return to kennels through no fault of his own. Must be a good family to take a dog on when they are already planning to go back to UK as well. Great news and good luck to Nina too!

  2. Norma M Says:

    Is that Otis I see with his back to the camera??????
    Just wondering as I se the makeshift harness like we use on him.
    Would be wonderful if he did walk with someone.

  3. Norma M Says:

    Well I am so glad he is getting to the park as that is a good sign. He needs to trim down and also learn to walk with other people. I know that I was not the only one to be able to walk him but he seems to be improving a lot. Glad to hear that.
    So happy about the recent adoptions as they are all mutts. Great news, lets hope it continues and hope to see some other long termers also getting a chance. Would love it if Fuzzy had a lovely home.

  4. Helen Y Says:

    Thank you the good Nimitz team, your good deeds is appreciated and remembered.

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