Tues 16th February: A tough decision

I can’t believe the baby puppy is still hanging on.  I wish I knew what to do.  This boy has such strength that he’s pulling from somewhere, but should I let him carry on fighting, or allow him to go?  I honestly don’t know.  I took him to bed with me last night, tucking him into a shoebox next to me so I wouldn’t crush him, but he was restless and refused to settle.  My terrier, Sandy, was so disgusted she jumped off the bed and disappeared, leaving me feeling torn between her feelings and the puppy’s needs.  In the end, unable to sleep myself, I fed the puppy and then put him in a crate with some of those instant Japanese heat pads under the towels.  Once again I was sure he wouldn’t make it through to the morning, but there he was, still alive, and now tucked into my jacket.  He’s weak but taking food through a syringe, and he’s not giving in.  Not yet at least.

Six-month puppy, Linus, went off to his new home today.  Well, it’s just a trial adoption for now as he has to gain the approval of not only Thika (easy) but also grumpy Tamsin, a small collie who surprised us all by finding someone willing to give her a chance.  Now Tamsin’s legs are too weak to allow her to be able to run with Thika, so a replacement playmate was needed. 

I took Linus to be microchipped before he left, as it was not only due but I also wanted to make sure he could be identified if he got lost.  As it happened, just as I was going through the gates of AFCD, ex-HKDR Duck Duck, now Jackson, was on his was out.  Only recently adopted, he had been spooked by a loud bang while out walking and had bolted, leash still attached.  He’d run off in Wanchai but was picked up on Bowen Road, a full week later.  Both dog and adopter were obviously very relieved to be reunited.

Puppy Tickle also found a home today, as well as one of the young pups at kennels, a parvo survivor so doubly lucky.  I’m always happy to see the young ones adopted so they can grow up in a real home.  As free and easy as Lamma life is for the puppies, there’s nothing to beat having a family and a bed to call your own.


4 Responses to “Tues 16th February: A tough decision”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    Hang on there, little tough one.

  2. Biu Mui Says:

    So glad to hear that the little one is still hanging on. Have you tried the mega C that I gave to u? It has worked miracles on cats that have FIP.

  3. melinda Says:

    awwww, hang on little pup!

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