Sun 14th February: New Year’s Day

I have a little furry body tucked into my fleece top.  It’s one of the baby pups from the over-burdened mother at AFCD and he’s still tiny, not just because he’s only a few weeks old, but also because he’s a small puppy.  It’s amazing the difference there can be between siblings from the same litter, and I’m honestly completely confused about which pups were the mother’s own, and which were the add-ons.  There are big and small all mixed in, and I think this tiny mite is one of the originals but I wouldn’t bet on it.  In any case, I’ve been amazed that all of them (eleven plus nine) have been 100% healthy so far, especially given the fact that they had to fight for milk from their mother, and because I had to take them away at such a young age.  Now I’m worried about this little one as I noticed he didn’t want any breakfast.  They are all usually squealing and squeaking for their warm smash of soaked biscuits and canned food, and today was no exception except for this baby.  Now he’s asleep, but I will have to keep an eye on him.

Jackpot loves his tennis balls!

While I had a day at home (yay!), Alice and others were at kennels as usual, and today cocker spaniel Jackpot, and schnauzer-with-tail Trudy, celebrated the first day of the Year of the Tiger by leaving with their new families.

Amelia outside looking very pleased with herself

There was also lovely news about Amelia, a very sweet Pekingese girl who wasn’t able to walk when I took her from AFCD.  Her back legs were drawn up, and even an X-ray couldn’t determine why this was so.  Hips, knees and spine seemed to be fine, so the obvious reasons for her condition were ruled out and the vet left flummoxed.  He suggested just trying her out on some painkillers as she squealed when her legs were manipulated, meaning that there was clearly something going on.  Now, after a few days on the medication, Amelia has started walking, and even playing!  It’s like a miracle and it’s made everyone very happy.  I’m sure Amelia herself is pretty happy too.  Now we just need to find out what’s causing pain so severe that she can’t straighten her legs, but at least the legs themselves aren’t an issue.

Some of you may have noticed that subtle changes have been taking place on our website.  Thanks to Silvena, one of our volunteers, we’ve been able to do what we’ve been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the capacity.  Now bit by bit we’re tweaking this and that and will eventually have everything in place, including an on-line store.  Check it out.

We’ve also started a discussion board on our Facebook Fan Page where everyone can exchange news and ideas.  Just as a starter we’re talking about hot tips for great dog walks, as we know that this is something that’s needed.  Hong Kong changes on an almost daily basis (or it seems that way anyway), so information needs to be updated regularly.  The other week the Wanchai waterfront park would have been included, but  it’s since closed.  So where do the city dwelling dog owners go now?  Send us your own ideas about what you’d like to see included as discussion topics.


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