Fri 12th February: Last three of the year

I had to take six puppies over to Pokfulam for their second vaccinations, one of whom is Pippin, the baby who survived parvovirus.  He’s a healthy little chap now, and has an adopter lined up when he’s old enough to leave.  This is a really pretty litter though I have no idea of  the mix or what the final size will be.  They all look so small and vulnerable at a few weeks of age, but then I remember that my giant Sooty was also once a baby.  I think I can be sure that this group won’t be large, but that still leaves a big range of options.

I was supposed to take Magenta over too, as she has a foster home to go to (who will keep her until she is re-homed).  I completely forgot until I was on the sampan coming back to Lamma and the foster arrived at kennels.  Sorry Carina!  I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon for sure.  I’m taking over puppies anyway as this Sunday there will be no Whiskers’n’Paws afternoon and I don’t want to have to wait until next week.  Two weeks is a long time if you’re a puppy.

I made a last-of-the-year visit to AFCD to pick up any of the final Chinese New Year dumpees, and left with a tiny miniature pinscher boy and a schnauzer girl, both surrenders.  I also took out a beautiful husky girl, also surrendered, and she has already taken Ojay’s spot at kennels. (Ojay is doing very well and is now called Quita). 

One of the AFCD staff told me that the ex-owners of the husky were very happy to hear that HKDR would take the dog and that it wouldn’t be destroyed.  Although it’s done with the best of intentions, I do wish that people who surrender dogs weren’t let off the hook like that.  It’s far too easy to hand over your dog if you know that it will just be re-homed.  I can’t blame the staff, as they’re actually a really nice bunch and they have an awful job.  They’re the ones who get the blame for the government’s policies on animal welfare, and I’ve often seen them getting an earful from an irate dog owner. 

I’ve been working with AFCD ground-level staff for many years now, and I’ve seen a huge change in attitude.  They used to be a surly and unhelpful lot, resentful of the fact that their jobs were being made more difficult by having interfering do-gooders coming in, meaning that they had to do extra paperwork and maybe make a bit of an effort to clean the place up.  Now they are keen for me to take the dogs and to save lives, and I know that the dogs are well treated while they are waiting.  The kennels have been renovated and are clean, and although nothing can wash away the smell of fear it’s still a very different place compared to the early days. 

So many people go away for the Chinese New Year holidays, and we are desparately short of dog walkers for these few days.  If you are already registered as a volunteer and have some time to spare, please do come along and help walk the dogs.  It makes a huge difference to their lives if they can get out.

We’ve set up a collection box outside the kennels for leashes and collars.  I don’t know how or why, but as fast as we replace the leashes that hang on the fence for the dog walkers to use, they disappear.  I know some get chewed and some just disintegrate with time, but this can’t explain the rate at which they go.  So, if you have any spare leashes (or collars) hanging around which are still in good condition, please come by and drop them in the box.

As much as I hate seeing dogs dressed up in silly clothes, I had to add this photo.  It’s so cute it makes me smile every time I see it.  Look at the expressions! This is Cliff’s brother (love the tongue just peeping out), and his new sister, one of the beautiful Nutcase puppies.

Didi (Cliff's brother) and Mui Mui (ex-Almond) say Kung Hei Fat Choy!


One Response to “Fri 12th February: Last three of the year”

  1. Norma M Says:

    Didi and Cliff look so alike and their little ears are a give away that they are siblings. Almond is so lovely!

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