Thur 11th February: A night of Insomnia

It was yet another away-day for me as I had to go to a meeting to discuss the new kennels.  We’re getting down to details now, although actual building can’t start until after Chinese New Year/early March.  First thing to go up will be the fence and, most importantly, it has to be dog-proof.  The last thing we want is a mass break-out, although I suspect the dogs will be so happy with their new luxury resort that they won’t want to leave. 

Seeing the layout and the plans for the new site is making me impatient to get going, but there are so many things to be done first, not least raising all the money to build this dream.  I’ll be sending out details of various types of sponsorship that we’re looking for, like the converted shipping containers that will be the new kennel blocks.  Although it doesn’t sound very nice,  containers can be made into anything with a bit of imagination and the right tools and they can even be painted in company colours.  If you work for a company that might be interested in having their own container kennel, complete with logo and all the trimmings, let me know or watch this space for details.  In the meantime, keeps those Bricks coming …..  You can buy online and post back to us once you have written your name or message on the card.

Chinese New Year is only a couple of days away, and although our Pokfulam kennels are open every day of the year for adoptions, this Sunday the regular puppy adoption afternoon at Whiskers’n’Paws won’t be happening.  The store crew are taking a well-earned CNY break and I hope I’ll also be off.  Still, the puppies need homes whatever the time of year, so I’ll be bringing a handful of my gorgeous ready-to-go pups to the kennels on Saturday afternoon, 2pm to 5pm.  My Lamma-reared pups are all very special, and come highly recommended (by me).

All of the four dogs (the poodle and three shiba inu) that arrived in such a terrible state the other day have left kennels for foster homes, and the tiny girl shiba is already reserved for adoption once her scabies is under control. Thanks to everyone for your concern and offers of help for these poor animals.  A whole new life has started for them, so they are four of the lucky ones now.

Top model Cara Grogan pulls her own winning ticket from the draw, watched by Lisa S and Jami Gong

In the evening we held our mini-fundraising event at Insomnia, Lan Kwai Fong, and although we knew it would be quieter than usual because of the New Year traditions, it was still a great result thanks to our team of volunteers and superstar models who helped charm $46,000 out of the guests.  Not bad at all, and as always I’m so impressed by our fundraising team who surprise me at every event.  I just have to turn up while they have been busy with all the organising.  Lucky me to have such a great group of volunteers to rely on. 

HKDR at Insomnia


2 Responses to “Thur 11th February: A night of Insomnia”

  1. Linda Law Says:

    Well Done!! This figure is not bad at all. Please carry on the good job!

  2. Deb Debes Says:

    I think you should get Tommy and Tucker to test the fence first when it is done. They are escape artistes so if there was a hole, they’d find it!

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