Tues 9th February: A follow up report

Yesterday’s entry about the poodle and three shiba inu received a lot of comments, both on this blog and on the HKDR Facebook Fan Page.  Almost two thousand people read the story here, plus many more on Facebook, and the reaction was pretty much a united one.  There was one question which I would like to address as it’s something that comes up time and time again: why don’t all the animal welfare organisations unite to lobby the government to do something about the dog/animal situation?

Well firstly, there are a lot of such multi-organisations but the problem is that there are inevitable disagreements of opinion between the various groups which result in lots of talk and not much action (much the same as government really), and then subsequent falling out.  People are people, whether they are animal rights supporters or environmental activists, or whatever.   We all have our own opinions about what should be done and how.

Secondly, all of the animal welfare groups and organisations have already been hammering away for years at the government to make changes but the answer is always the same, and that is that nothing can be done without the public being behind it.  People really underestimate the power of the individual voice, and a thousand letters from you, those who care,  will make more of an impact than a thousand meetings between a government representative and an organisation.

So write.  Send a letter or email to your local District Councillor, to Dr York Chow, to the Director of AFCD, to the newspapers and, why not, to Mr Donald Tsang.  Tell them what you feel and what you want.  If you support  Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) as a way of controlling the stray dog population, say it.  If you think that there should be more public places open to dogs, it won’t happen if you don’t let anyone know.  If you feel that dogs should be allowed in public housing, or even private, as a matter of individual choice, then write a letter.   Whatever you feel strongly about, if you want to make changes, then you – the individual – need to take action.

You can't tell from the photo but Chestnut is really tiny

Now going back to the dogs themselves, the three shiba inu and the poodle were found to have scabies (sarcoptic mange), an infectious condition caused by mites in the skin, but it’s very easy to treat.  In a couple of weeks the mites will be dead and the hair will start to grow back.  The poodle and the female shiba inu, a tiny little thing, have found foster homes, so we just have the two males left.  They are settling in and enjoying lots of (puppy) food, so I think we’ll see huge changes in a very short time.

I went back to AFCD as I know we’re seeing a pre-Chinese New Year clearout and I don’t want any dogs, particularly the small ones, to be left any longer than is necessary.  Sure enough, there was an 8-month Westie girl that had been surrendered.  Her name was registered on the license as Miley, and while I left my teenage years a long time ago I do know that there’s a TV programme called Hannah Montana in which young Miley Cyrus plays the lead role.  So putting two and two together, my guess is that this dog was bought for a young girl a couple of months ago and, surprise, she’s bored with it now.  I asked the reason for surrender (as I always do), and it was given as “no space for the dog”.  Oh please.

I also took a puppy that had been at AFCD  (on his own) for quite a while.  When he first came in he was quite sick, and because I had (have) many other puppies I didn’t want to risk taking one sick individual who could infect the rest.  But every time I went back to AFCD, there he was, always curled up in the metal food bowl.  I noticed that he was no longer sick and that he had healthy, solid poo (I need to know these things), so today I finally gave in.  I’ve called him Bucket (after the metal bowl he was always lying in), and apart from the fact that he was absolutely running with fleas and had a big, wormy belly, he seems to be fine.


4 Responses to “Tues 9th February: A follow up report”

  1. Tsang Ching Sum Says:

    Hi Sir / Madam,

    I read your post and wanna to take the boy (Shiba) to home.
    As my experience, I live with dog over 15 year. I love to live with them and treat them as my family. Therefore, I will love him!!!!
    Could you mind to contact me?

    My number is xxxxxxx

  2. dorothy chu Says:

    may i know more about the shiba boys? my brother would like to adopt one. thanks

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