Sun 7th February: Rain washed adopters away

It was a very quiet days for adoptions at both the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws, quite a change from Saturday when dogs were flying out (well, not literally of course).  However, it was clearly Nancy’s time as after months of being ignored, suddenly she was the only dog in Horizon Plaza that anyone was interested in. 

Nancy, far prettier than her photo and the sweetest dog ever

At about nine months, Nancy is the sweetest and easiest of dogs, totally bomb-proof with children, quiet and very well behaved.  She missed out on adoption as a youngster thanks to having been kept for a month on trial adoption before being returned (was supposed to be a week), and then being adopted and returned by another family (and I’m still not sure what the reason was. “Not the right dog for us” is as much as I could gather).  Their loss really, as this is an exceptional family dog, and for whatever reason today quite a few people noticed her and asked if she was available for adoption.  I wasn’t sure how to answer, as I knew Vada (owner of Whiskers’n’Paws, and Nancy’s current foster parent) was totally in love with Nancy, as was the rest of her family. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for Vada to let “her” dog go, so I warned her that there were at least two families very seriously interested, while also letting the propective adopters know that they would have to get Vada’s approval, not just mine.

The first family who had fallen for Nancy had left to think about it, and a second family then took over.  They too left, saying they would be back in the week, but then the first family returned and said they couldn’t wait, they knew Nancy was the dog they wanted.  So then came the Vada test, and I handed them over for their grilling.  First the young son was given a towel and asked to dry Nancy off (she had just been outside in the rain for a pee), and I also watched as the small boy lay on the floor, first lifting Nancy’s feet one by one and cleaning them off, then rubbing Nancy all over while she chewed on her rawhide.  It was a perfect match, and even Vada was satisfied, though also very sad at losing the perfect dog.

So Nancy has moved to her new home in Stanley, with promises to Vada that she would come back to visit, while the other puppies were packed up at the end of the day and left to wait for another chance.  Whiskers’n’Paws will be closed next Sunday (Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day combined), so depending on the weather I may take some pups to the kennels instead.

I just love this face. Toastie is waiting for a home.

Why hasn’t Magneta been adopted yet?  She is not only incredibly pretty, but she has the same sweet and gentle nature that Nancy has.  I sincerely hope she won’t have to wait that long to find her perfect home.

I also just love Toastie’s face.  She and her brother, Waffle, have been in foster since they were tiny babies and come every Sunday to see if anyone will give them a home.  I don’t know how anyone can resist.

Don’t forget we have a fundraising event this coming Thursday evening at Insomnia, Lan Kwai Fong.  I hope to see you all there!


9 Responses to “Sun 7th February: Rain washed adopters away”

  1. Tammy Says:

    What time is the fund raising event this thursday? would love to be there and contribute 🙂

  2. Deb Debes Says:

    Nancy’s new dad came to Kennels today as a volunteer and did a great shift. I am sure Nancy will be very happy with her new family 🙂

  3. Abby and Lou Says:

    I LOVE Nancy. This family is ultra lucky. She’s such a fantastic dog and it was fun playing with her before she went to her new home. So good with toys – not possessive at all and doesn’t shred them either. She does like toys though. Very cute that she helped herself to toys from the bag we brought. She stuck her head in there for quite a while before she pulled out a toy!

    She’s got the softest coat… the praises continue…

  4. Rachel Says:

    I am very interested in Magenta!!
    Is she a Mongrel as well??
    I have fallen in love with her when i first saw her pic!!

  5. Rachel Says:

    I am very interested in Magenta!
    Is she in the kennel now?

  6. Norma M Says:

    Yes, I was lucky enough to also meet Nancy’s new Dad today at the kennels. He was also there doing a shift. He was really praising her and is thrilled to bits with her. Lucky for Nancy and for them to have such a wonderful dog.
    Seems we have a really good new volunteer.
    Sorry to have missed you today Debs. Next time I will come when you are there.

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