Sat 6th February: Making space

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing dogs adopted and going off to their new homes, so today was a very good one for me.  I knew that at least some of the new small dogs would be lucky, but  two large dogs  also left today, Sinbad and Ojay.

Ojay leaves, and hopefully for the last time

Ojay is a particularly sweet-natured husky girl, and is one of the dogs that was returned after a day in our recent (and hopefully over) spate of out-and-back-in adoptions.  It wasn’t her fault,  just a badly timed choice on the part of the adopters who weren’t really ready for a dog at all.  Anyway, although she has gone on a trial to make sure she and the resident husky boy get along, there is no reason why they shouldn’t and I hope we don’t see Ojay back yet again.


Sinbad was one of a group of puppies-now-dogs that grew up on Lamma and were moved in a bunch to kennels.  We still have a couple of them left, but one by one they are moving on.

Of the seven small dogs that arrived yesterday, and the others that came in during the week, these have been adopted so far: mini cocker spaniel girl Vegas (an in-and-out adoption), schnauzer Barbie, terrier Willy, Jack Russell Sparks, pom Wheelie, peke Casino and chihuahua Money.   With peke Amelia having gone to foster on Friday, that means all of Wednesday’s newbies have already left the kennels and, with the French bulldog/Boston terrier due to go tomorrow, four of the seven that arrived yesterday have already been adopted.  Not bad at all, and it was certainly worth the short-term office crush.

I’ll be very surpised if the poodle, Cash, and remaining chihuahua stay with us for long. New golden retriever, Winner, is another one who’s sure to be leaving soon.  (I wonder if you noticed that all of these dogs have a casino/gambling connection?)

Now I just have to hope for the same lucky streak to continue at tomorrow’s Whiskers’n’Paws puppy afternoon, but rain is predicted.  Boo!

Phoebe is unmistakable

There was some good news about Phoebe, a dog that ran away a day or so after coming to us from AFCD (but luckily not before she was desexed, especially as it turned out she was already pregnant).  I’d been told that a dog looking like Phoebe had been spotted a few times on the steep slope between the back of the kennels and Cyberport, but now it’s been confirmed that it really is her.  Someone managed to get a photo, and at least she doesn’t look too bad.  But how to catch her, as she is a nervous dog?


2 Responses to “Sat 6th February: Making space”

  1. Emma J Says:

    See Sinbad, I told you a brush and bath would do you good! 🙂 Good luck to Ojay and Sinbad, I will miss you loads.

    Saw this in the Daily Mail, they say he is a lab, but I think he’s a cross.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Whilst I am so happy about all the recent adoptions I am thrilled that Phoebe has been spotted and she looks well. I have been so worried about her. Hope that she will be caught and returned safely to HKDR very soon.

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