Fri 5th February: Welcome to the Mad House!

We knew that the new intake from another AFCD Centre was coming today, eight dogs in total, so the SPCA vet was on standby with all the heartworm tests and vaccinations lined up and ready to go. I was on the phone, answering one of the many enquiries about the poodle, when the call came: “They’re here!”

From that moment it was non-stop, a kind of organised chaos, with would-be adopters roped in to hold the dogs in the clinic waiting room while one by one they were taken into the consult room for their blood tests and body checks.  All the dogs were stressed and over-excited, a result of having been piled into a van and then tipped out of their travel crates and bags into a strange and new environment, not to mention having to stand on a cold metal table and be jabbed with needles.

Cash the poodle

Cash, the poodle, didn’t like Winner, a golden retriever and the only large dog in the group.  Wheelie the pom boy was very attracted to Vegas, a very small, sweet and pretty cocker spaniel, and made his feelings clear by mounting her constantly.  The two chihuahuas were simply bemused by the whole proceedings, and Gambol, another very pretty cocker, wasn’t at all happy.  The eighth dog, a young Boston terrier/French bulldog type, squealed constantly for attention, bouncing up and down and just wanting to love everyone.

Finally everyone was checked and vaccinated, and there were thankfully no serious issues that came up.  Next step – where to put them all?  We already had some potential adopters milling around, and one by one the dogs were taken outside to be road-tested, while the others were put in the alread-crowded office. 

Vegas was adopted

Vegas was finally relieved of her amorous new friend by being adopted, and she want off  with her new brother, schnauzer Timmy, himself only recently adopted from HKDR.

Amelia, the dear peke girl with the non-functional back legs (she’ll have surgery next week), thankfully went off to a foster home so her space became free.  We used that for Willy the terrier, who was still groggy following his desexing surgery.  The two chihuahuas joined Sparks, the Jack Russell, in the washing area, and the rest were left to introduce themselves to the current residents.   By now, everyone was beginning to chill out a bit, and it was a relief to see the poodle happily playing with squeaky toys as well as Barbie, a schnauzer girl who will be leaving for her new home tomorrow.

Winner is sharing with Jennifer

Winner, the golden retriever, was put in a kennel with Jennifer, who was on her own after Flapper’s adoption yesterday.  We know Winner won’t be with us for long as he’s a very popular breed, but at least he has a bed for now.

Thankfully the office situation is also only short term as we have adopters coming on Saturday for at least four of the new arrivals, and I’m sure they will all find homes quickly being small, young and good natured.

Lovely Stella

Good and bad news came from the SPCA hospital in Wanchai where we had two parvo-infected puppies and Stella, one of our black mongrel/sharpei group.  A bite on Stella’s back leg had become infected and had caused the skin to separate from the muscle underneath, leaving a big patch of exposed flesh which was thought to be too big to cover by pulling the surrounding skin together and stitching.  However, after sedation and cleaning, the vet called back to say it could be done, and then it would heal normally.  Relief!

One of the parvo pups was going downhill fast and had to be put to sleep, but the other one was well enough to leave hospital.  This is a strange strain of the virus, as the pups either recover very quickly (in les than 48 hours), or don’t at all.


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  1. Yolanda Says:

    All the best, Stella!

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