Thurs 4th February: Flapper’s big day

I took the five remaining puppies from the mother dog at AFCD as she is very thin now, and the pups are able to feed by themselves.  It’s not ideal as they should really be drinking mother’s milk for another couple of weeks, but this will give her a chance to regain strength and to make sure the pups are getting enough to eat.  The others from the litter that were taken previously are all doing well, so I’m confident that these new arrivals will thrive.
The baby pups had some instant admirers in a pack of Brownies who had come by the kennels to donate $1900 that they had raised.  That’s an amazing amount, and a real credit to the girls.  They all bought ‘bricks’ which will be added to our Wall of Support in the new kennels.

Brownies and their bricks

There has been a real slowdown in mongrel adoptions recently, and those that have been adopted have almost all come back,  for reasons that had nothing to do with the dogs or their behaviour.  It’s created a bottleneck situation, meaning that there is no space to bring in more dogs from AFCD that are waiting, and I’m starting to panic.  I know it’s not that there aren’t homes, it’s that the mongrels get overlooked in favour of the golden retrievers and such like.  I’m a good old mix myself; largely Scandinavian, a chunk of English, some Welsh, a bit Jewish, so I feel a connection to the multibreeds.  I know that a mix of genes produces the strongest and the best, while inbreeding can have disastrous results and I haven’t, to my knowledge, ever met a purebreed human.  Why then is there such a bias against mixed breed dogs?

I jokingly suggested we set up a bunk bed system in the office to accomodate the influx of small dogs we’ve had, and are expecting tomorrow (Friday).  It seems others think this is a good idea, and I have to say that I’m already using the two-level system on Lamma.  The bottom row is a line of crates (without doors, of course), and on top of that a board covered with soft bedding.  The crates provide individual “bedrooms” for the dogs that like to curl up, while the top “bunk” is for those that prefer to sleep spread out.  There are also mattresses and other types of beds, providing options for the fussiest of guests.  The funny thing is that the dogs all have their own spot, and the crates are reserved for the same dogs every night.  There’s trouble if someone takes another dog’s space.

We wish Rosemary the best of luck for the climb, and look forward to seeing her back in Hong Kong for the opening of our new kennels. (Of course she has promised to be there even though we don’t have a firm date yet).

Rosemary at Peak to Fong 09 (with Bernie Lo and Jami Gong)

Our lovely HKDR Ambassador, Rosemary Vandenbroucke, is heading off to Mount Kilimanjaro on 11th February on an 8-day expedition to raise awareness for Project C.Change, as well as funds for Haiti. You can find updates about the climb as well as blogs by the other climbers at from Feb 11th onwards or on  Project C:CHANGE Facebook page:


Flapper isn't at kennels any more. He's gone home!

Yes, today was THE big one for Flapper, our bouncing boy who amazed and entertained by leaping so high in  his kennel that it seemed he had springs attached.  He certainly had the best pair of legs, toned and muscular, thanks to all his bouncing.  It’s taken a long time for him to find a home, but at last his time has come.  Now we want Jennifer, his long-time kennel mate, to be as lucky.


8 Responses to “Thurs 4th February: Flapper’s big day”

  1. Angie Says:


    We all wish you well, have a safe journey and a safe return home.
    Not only are you doing all you can for HKDR, you as going the extra mile and reaching out to other projects too.



  2. jennifer Says:

    jennifer’s gonna miss flapper so much!!! if only flapper’s new owners could also take in jennifer!

    i remember a while back when flapper was being fostered, jennifer often didn’t want to go outside and just wanted to curl up on her bed inside her kennels … hopefully she’ll find a home herself soon and won’t miss flapper too much

  3. Jesslyn Cheong Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Can you please put back Marmalade’s profile in the “Dog” page? It is missing since her one day adoption.

  4. Diana Says:

    Wasn’t Duck Duck adopted? Still see his picture on available dogs. He was returned?

  5. Ellen Says:

    I saw the preview on ATV Chinese channel about an RTHK program on the virtues of mongrel dogs.
    I think it will be on ATV Home channel next monday at 7pm but I’m not sure I heard it right.
    If someone knows for sure, can they please post so others will know?

  6. Ivan Says:

    Oh wow Many Congratulations to Flapper!!!! After all these years of bouncing up and down, he’s finally found a home!!!!! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for Jennifer… and all the others, especially the mongrels!
    Good luck to Rosemary- good on you for doing so much charity work- good luck!!!

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