Weds 3rd February: Start of CNY clearout?

Teddy having a great time at Peak to Fong

I had a double reason for getting to kennels early today, the first one being that I had an interview (again) with ‘The Pulse’  (which I’m told will definitely be aired this Friday after last week’s postponement), and the second was that Teddy the labradoodle was booked in for grooming.  Supporter Emma collects money from her friends to sponsor these beauty sessions, and while it’s usually the kennel dogs that get the pampering, Teddy really needed a professional haircut.  He’s been living on Lamma since he was surrendered, and for some inexplicable reason he hasn’t been adopted.  His curly coat had become a bit matted due to his countryside/beach lifestyle, so he joined me on the sampan for the trip over (and he absolutely loves travelling!)

While Teddy was at the groomers and after the interview was over, I went to AFCD, hoping and praying that there wouldn’t be dogs that urgently needed to be taken out.  We had already accepted a lovely 2-year old Jack Russell earlier in the day, and the office was starting to look a bit crowded.  My hopes were dashed when I was told there were lots of surrendered small dogs, and looking at their faces there was no way I could leave them.

In the first kennel was a small peke girl, eagerly wagging her tail and jumping at the gate.  Casino, as I called her, is the happiest and most active peke I think I’ve ever come across, and although she’s five years old she acts like a puppy.  In contrast, another peke girl, who at six years is only slightly older than Casino, was sitting quietly in her kennel, wondering (I’m sure) why she was there.  She’s now Amelia.

Willy the terrier is one of those dogs that I just love, with a shaggy straw-like coat and a very cute, inquisitive look.  He just wants to be loved, and is as sweet as any dog can be.  He’s also a young boy, two years at most, and was surrendered by his owners because (they said) they lived in public housing.  I honestly don’t believe any of these stories, and looking at the number of dogs being surrendered at this time I can only think that it’s due to the annual Chinese New Year clearout. We see it every year.

3-year old cocker girlGetting home and checking my emails, there was a list of dogs from another AFCD centre needing to be taken out: two chihuahuas, two American cocker spaniels, a pom, a poodle, and a golden retriever.

3-year old cocker boy

These dogs are due to arrive on Friday, so we really need to make sure that as many of today’s intake are homed by then.  Otherwise we’ll have to invest in doggie bunk beds.

2-year old poodle boy

I’ll be posting photos and info on these dogs on the website this morning, so please have a look and see if any of them are what you’re looking for (if you’re looking for a small-sized dog).  Even if you can only offer a foster home, we need you!

3-year old pom boy3-year chihuahua boy


5 Responses to “Weds 3rd February: Start of CNY clearout?”

  1. Maria Says:

    That’s appalling! Would you get rid of your child just because you want a better, newer, younger model? I can’t believe people can treat their pets like old furniture…these are members of the family, not a sofa from IKEA!!

  2. Doris Says:

    Bunk beds seems to be a bright idea. Shall we work on that?

  3. Helen Y Says:

    Can everyone seriously consider if they can pitch in and take one home at least for a while fostering and clear up some space. Perhaps you can really have another one after giving it a try. Remember, it may be more work but double the happiness too.

  4. Gloria Says:

    Those dogs are pure bred dogs that can be taken out from the government, not counting those are destroyed, most of them are mongrels. Chinese New Year is coming, I hope people won’t sweep away their dogs like sweeping away their old stuff at home. For those who want to have dogs as companions, why not consider to give our kennel dogs a Happy Chinese New Year?

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