Mon 1st February: A surprise adoption

Duck Duck looks very like his new sister

As has happened before, the dogs that you least expect to find homes are chosen for adoption instead of the more obvious contenders.  Today Duck Duck went off to his new home, a companion and playmate for Roxy (also from HKDR and who was called Firefox when with us).  Duck Duck came to us from a pet shop where he had been living a miserable life in a cage, and as a mongrel it wasn’t as if anyone was going to adopt him from there.  Although timid and unsure when he arrived, Duck Duck changed into a confident and happy boy, and now he is in a home.

I went to AFCD to have a look at the puppies-with-mother, and found to my horror that the poor dog had been given another orphan litter to take care of as well as her own.  She started with eleven puppies, and at least four of them were taken to go to foster homes, but the kennel was teeming with little bodies again.  I took eight of them out, still leaving about six behind, hoping that I’d chosen the the oldest and strongest.  On being checked by the vet, it turned out that five were one age (the mother’s own), and three were younger, although the same size.  Now I want to go back and have another look to see if I can exchange younger ones for older, although the poor mother dog must be getting very sore, if not starting to dry up anyway.

To make space for the new babies, I took the remaining Nutcase four back to Lamma, and the tiddlers have taken over what we call the “outside office” (though the days when we used it as office space are long gone).

As the weather is so warm at the moment, the Lamma dogs are enjoying their swims on our morning walks.  I’ve let the hair grow on the two small ones, Sandy and Murphy, but looking at Murphy this morning after the walk, wet and carrying what looked like half a bush in his long coat, I decided to give him a haircut.  While Sandy runs a mile from a pair of scissors or the threat of a bath, Murphy absolutely loves anything that involves being pampered.   After a good shampooing in the shower, I got started with the scissors while Murphy lay on my bed, eyes closed in rapture.  I turned him this way and that, and he enjoyed every minute of it, finally emerging looking remarkably cute and having lost a ton of fur.    He’s very happy with his new look and I’m also happy to see that he’s not the fat boy that he’s been accused of being.  It was all fur after all.


9 Responses to “Mon 1st February: A surprise adoption”

  1. Yolanda Yan Says:

    Anything that we could do to help the nursing mom at AFCD in addition remove puppies from her….I am thinking of nutritious food, etc. If yes, are we allowed to donate this kind of food to help her? Feel really sad to hear that – being used as a feeding machine….poor girl.

    • Sally Says:

      I will take the mother out when we have space. In the meantime the youngest puppies are best left with her so they can get mother’s milk. If we had a place to put her and the pups it would be fantastic, but we don’t have a spare kennel.

  2. Cheryl Kwok Says:

    I love reading your blogs everyday………but this was too cute and funny!

  3. Yolanda Yan Says:

    Thanks Sally for your reply. Great to know that HKDR will take the mother as well. Kudos to you & HKDR, as always.

    But in the meanwhile, anything that we could do to keep the nursing mom at her best state?. I am saying this because – for us, there are certain type of soup that we would encourage breast feeding mom to take to ‘boost’ or maintain the supply of breast milk. I thus am thinking whether there are supplements in the market for canine that we could give her so that she won’t be drying up. Maybe a wild thought of me;P.

  4. DL Says:

    hehe that is so cute! it’s funny how some dogs love being groomed and all and some don’t.

  5. Helen Y Says:

    Mixed feelings. If it wasn’t because of the mother dog, those motherless pups will have no milk at all –

  6. Ellen Says:

    Congratulations on the article in The Standard today.
    I hope this will help raise public awareness!

  7. Doris Says:


    Pls tells us what extra food or supplement this poor mother needs, and for the puppies too so as to release the mom’s stress and pain. I’m sure many of us felt heart broken about her situation.

    • Sally Says:

      I will go and see how the mother and pups are today and also to see if I can give her some extra food or supplements. The staff there are nice and will be taking care of the mother and pups.

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