Sun 31st January: Four lucky pups

Magenta the Beauty QueenI was so sure that Magenta would be adopted on this, her first showing at Whiskers’n’Paws, as she is the most beautiful puppy.  However it was her slightly less glamorous siblings who were chosen, but I’m sure Magenta won’t have to wait long.  All in all, four puppies left for their new homes this afternoon, and that’s good enough.  The weather was perfect and all puppies were running free on the terrace rather than being huddled up in the cold, so whether they were adopted or not they all had a good time.

Simba when he was still a shy boy at kennels being groomed by volunteers

Rollo was there as usual, but instead of the shy and withdrawn character that we all got to know at the kennels, today he was bouncing around and trying to get others to play with him.  Every time I see him he has come further and further out of his shell, and he is living proof that every dog can change and blossom with love.  His playmate this afternoon was Simba, another dog who is completely different from the one who was adopted (with great faith, I might add).  At first Simba didn’t want to play with his new “brother”, Banka, at all, in fact he didn’t like any other dogs really.  Now Simba joins in with all the others dogs and their games, racing round the tables and chairs in a line, all running at top speed to try and catch the one in front.  Watching Rollo and Simba playing with each other really made my day.  Two wonderful dogs given a whole new life thanks to the love and patience of their human families.

Baby Pippin has bounced back from his close encouter with death (from parvovirus) and this morning when I gave the puppies some new toys he was first there, dragging his “catch” round before joining in the tug’o’war game that followed.  He’s half the size of his siblings but can definitely hold his own when it comes to games, even if he does get flattened a lot.

I need to make a correction about Otto the pom’s adoption news.  It turned out that at the last minute the adopter took in a dog that was about to be abandoned, so Otto missed out.  That means this great little guy, who has been through so much with his knee operations but came through it all with a big smile on his face, is still looking for a home.

There’s so much going on in the coming weeks that it’s getting hard to keep track.  The new kennel site and upcoming move is obviously top of the agenda, but we are also having to come up with ideas on how to raise the money to fund it all.   There are several events in the pipeline, and something for everyone we hope.  We’re still working with the Eclipse Group (of restaurants/bars) on themed events for April, with something big and very special planned for May, but our first evening fundraiser will be coming very soon and will take place at Insomnia, Lan Kwai Fong.   Details should be going up on the website any day, if not at this very moment, so I hope you can all come along to have some fun and help us get those kennels built.

This was a good start (and we get our fundraisers out there at a young age) – the Girl Scouts baked and sold cookies on Saturday, with all proceeds going to HKDR.  Thank you!

Note the floppy ears, a special look for the day


3 Responses to “Sun 31st January: Four lucky pups”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    And don’t forget – you can buy bricks right here in DB.

    Please email if you are interested in supporting the kennel building funds by purchasing a brick ($100, $500 or $1000). You don’t even have to return them to us for the wall but can even mail them (they are designed as postcards!)

  2. Diana Says:

    The recent news coverage has all been about the collapsed building in Ma Tau Wei Road. Look at those poor people who have lost their home. It’s not difficult to imagine how traumatised a dog can be if it’s thrown out of its home. Yesterday’s Apple Daily talked about Elmo, a terrier who saved her owners’ lives by alerting them through incessant barking and whining. It was just seconds after they ran down their stairs that the building collapsed. For those who refuse to believe dogs enrich our lives, they should read the story.

  3. Angie Says:

    I do agree that dogs save lives ,during the 1990 killer quake in the philippines it was my dog who save my grandmothers life.My three mongrels pull my grandmother skirt untill they reach a safe place to stay,and then just a minute past and there the killer quake that kills thousand of people.Dogs knows how to protect,love and care for there human family 100% sure of that.

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