Weds 27th January: Venus is moved

While I was taking little pup Mo to hospital, Alice went to collect Venus from the family who not only didn’t even give her a chance, but said they were too scared of her to bring her back.  Life is full of challenges and there are always going to be tough and rough times, but if a frightened shih tzu brings you to your knees  I’d say there really wasn’t much hope.

Before moving on to yet another – and this time guaranteed sensible – foster home, Venus spent the day in the office and was as easy and placid as she was before.   (I heard from the new foster that Venus is so scared that she spent the night by the front door, wrapped in a blanket and not daring to move).

Baby Mo’s parvo test confirmed that she does have the virus, so she’s now in hospital and I can only hope that she recovers.  She’s so young and so small,  but if luck is on her side she’ll survive.  The rest of the litter are still doing fine, and with every day that passes they stand a better chance.

The other puppies I have on Lamma have grown so much that they are really too big for their puppy enclosure.   As I’m sitting here at my desk, they have broken out of their prison and are enjoying the relative freedom of the entire top floor.  They’re due their third vaccinations this week, so those not adopted on Sunday will have to be set free in the garden before they destroy what’s left of my furniture.  At least they’re happy.

There are still many puppies in AFCD waiting to be taken out, and Facebook is also full of pleas for homes or fosters for new babies. This craziness could be stopped, and must be stopped.  All it takes is for dogs to be desexed and – hey presto! – no more unwanted puppies.  What is it about otherwise intelligent people that makes them so ignorant when it comes to dogs and sex?  Parents who presumably understand how they got to have children seem surprised when their (non-sexed) female dog has puppies, fathered by their also non-desexed male dog.  The peke mother who is due to be surrendered to us tomorrow, along with her three offspring, is apparently pregnant again.  And the owner is giving the dogs up because he lives in public housing.

The government is equally at fault for not doing something about the problem.  The mother dog at AFCD had eleven puppies, lives that should never have been conceived but who are now a living, breathing – and unwanted – reality.  That’s eleven more dogs, and twelve if you count the mother, in one go.  This is the reality of the situation and it can’t continue.

We hope to have the design plans for the new kennel site finalised by tomorrow, and a meeting has been arranged with the architect to go through everything.  We want to make the site as environmentally friendly as possible, with all kinds of “green” features included, such as a bug-and-bucket waste disposal system which will convert the dog poo to fertiliser.  This is an opportunity to showcase sustainable development at its best, and the more we can incorporate, the better.  This is what we need money for, so please keep buying those ‘bricks’!


One Response to “Weds 27th January: Venus is moved”

  1. Abby and Lou Says:

    Many people think that their female dog should have one litter before desexing or that it’s terrible to desex a male dog (usually men think this) or that they’ll do it and then doesn’t get around to it. Or the dog will get fat or the dog’s behaviour will change. (Yeah – the male dog will usually get less territorial and mark less). Somehow misconceptions persist. If not for their health (which is still controversial to some) then desexing should be done just so that not more innocent lives need to end so cruelly. We are not god but when we domesticated dogs and made them reliant on us, we made ourselves responsible for their welfare.

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