Tues 26th January: All in a day’s work

While the two baby pups were returned to their mother in AFCD kennels after a night in their emergency foster home, one of the four-week olds at my house has developed the dreaded first signs of parvovirus.  At the moment the others in the litter seem to be fine and are happily playing in their stumbling, baby pup way, but it’s almost guaranteed that at least some of the others will also succomb, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to prevent it.  Separating the sick one from the rest at this stage is already too late.  It’s now a case of waiting and watching – and hoping.  This is a particularly lovely litter, and one of them  is tiny and so fragile-looking.  I want to protect them all, but especially baby Pippin.

TVB Pearl came to film for the Dolce Vita programme in the afternoon, and as usual it was a bit of a crush trying to get the entire crew into the office.  We also shot some scenes outside, one of which was of me pretending to be a dog trainer while Mark, the real one, looked on horrified.  The volunteers were first-timers, and the dogs didn’t know what they were doing either.  Chaos would be a good word to describe it.

While we were filming the outdoors segments someone came to surrender a ten year old pug, another victim of the no-dogs-in-public-housing law.  We called her Pearl (after the TV station, as it seemed appropriate), and the poor dog had never been outside in her entire life so was understandably completely terrified and totally bewildered.   The office is the best we can offer Pearl for now, but hopefully someone will be able to adopt her soon.  She looks very good for her age, and nothing like an old dog.

Maria, our foster coordinator, finally managed to track down the owner of the mother peke and her three chihuahua cross offspring.  It will be interesting to see if they actually show up as promised.  These are also coming from a No Pets home.

Terrifying Venus

While arranging for the new dogs to arrive, Venus, a shih tzu from AFCD, was taken by a family who had seen her a week ago but had been unable to adopt her immediately because they were going away for a week.  We had said we wouldn’t hold her as all dogs go to the first good home that comes along, but as it happened Venus was still with us.  Reading my emails early this morning it seems things hadn’t gone as planned, and Alice, head of the adoption team, got a midnight call to say that Venus was barking and wouldn’t let anyone in the bedroom, and they wanted to return her – NOW!  Alice explained that the kennels weren’t still open at that time of night, and was then told that the family would call the police or throw Venus onto the street.  Bearing in mind that it’s possible that the person who called Alice may be reading this,  I can only commend Alice for handling the situation so well and for just asking everyone to calm down.  It’s because of people like this that I turn my phone off after about 8pm.  This is a shih tzu we’re talking about, not a rottweiler, and even if it’s true that Venus was clearly unhappy (and no doubt very scared herself) to expect to be able to call at midnight to return a dog is unreasonable, to put it mildly.  As it happens, we have a home for Venus to go to where her behaviour can be assessed, but I should add that while with us she wasn’t remotely aggressive, only very scared.

Luvly Jubbly

In an attempt to stop the puppies and doglets on Lamma from climbing the rock wall at night (which means escaping into the garden for a good barking session), the gaps and holes were cemented over to fill in all footholds. However, during last night the winner of the Loudest and Longest Barking Competition, Miss Jubbly, proved that she was also a nifty climber and no sheer wall was going to stop her.  I watched her again this morning as she clung to the wall with her claws, muscles straining, inching her way up bit by bit until she reached the top.  At that time of day all doors are wide open so there wasn’t even any need for her to climb out, but I suppose she’s in training and needs to practise.  Now I have to think of something else to outwit Jubbly and her climbing companions.

Here’s what our van will look like:

Design for our first HKDR van


12 Responses to “Tues 26th January: All in a day’s work”

  1. Helen Yeung Says:

    I believe first time adopters should be “briefed” before they are allowed to take the dog home. For Venus’ case, I believe she was just trying to find refuge in a space with total strangers. May I quote from a TV baby commentary, ” while parents (adopters) are adapting to life with a new baby (adopted dog), the baby (dog) is adapting to LIFE”. Afterall, it’s just ONE missed night of sleep.

  2. Patsy Wang Says:

    My dogs – 2 adopted separately from HKDR – both barked/chewed on the door frame when left alone in the kitchen on their 1st/ 2nd night with us – so they ended up sleeping in their doggie beds either in my daughter, sons or my room very soundly except for an occasion snore and “dream” barking. I am sure Venus is just lonely and scared on her first night at the new home, the people should give her more time to adjust rather than returning her right away.

  3. Patsy Wang Says:

    BTW, since there are 2 of them to keep each other company, they can now sleep by themselves in the back kitchen with no problem at all!

  4. Barbara Lee Says:

    Regarding the VAN. it looks great. I can’t see it very well. But if you have not added the WEBSITE & TELEPHONE NUMBER on BOTH sides i think it’s a good idea to do so.

    Just makes it easier for anyone interested and there are a lot of lazy people that just can’t be bothered to find out.

    Can’t wait to see your new site.

    Jesse (ex Disney) is doing well. He has learned a lot of commands just from hand signals. Thanks to Mark for advice.

    Tks, Barbara

  5. Salina Chow Says:

    The design of the van is great but I think the Chinese slogan is not so good, it says “Please give me a home, I want to live”, the second phrase “I want to live” is a bit sad.

  6. Diana Says:

    My dog, an abandoned one, barked for 3 weeks (at night) before she finally settled. The adopter should give Venus time to adapt and not threaten to dump her on the street.

  7. max Says:

    Poor Venus must be terrifed in a total strange place. Having read all the comments and every dog owner would have sleepless nights when our buddies arrive our home….I “cried” everywhere for help in the first week. And we all survive and live happily together….The owner just need more patience and may be warning.I sat with my puppies for hours until they totally felt sleep and I left the room. Before I re-home my puppies (pick up from street), I bring them to the new home to for a few hours for a few weekends to know the environment.

  8. Liz Says:

    When will TVB be airing the program featuring HKDR?

  9. Siew Yen Says:

    For dogs that are cornered and feeling very nervous, approaching them face-to-face and leaning over them is very threatening. Best to avoid eye contact and approach them from the side while stooping to their level.

  10. Ling Says:

    That family… What drama queens!

  11. Littleclouds Says:

    god what a ridiculous family, makes me so angry !

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