Mon 25th January: A long wait

Today was Slipper and Cinder’s turn for desexing, and while they were being shipped off to SPCA in the early morning, two more of the baby-pups-with-mother were being taken from AFCD on their way to a foster home.  It’s the start of the next stage of life for all four puppies.

Later in the afternoon when I took Slipper and Cinder for their rabies shot and microchips, I took two more pups from the mother dog as I had arranged for yet another  foster home for the pair.  The vet confirmed that they were too young to be vaccinated (at only two to three weeks old), so I put them in a cardboard box ready for the journey to their new home. 

There were plenty of other things to be done while I waited for the foster to arrive, including watching Mark trying out a remote feeding device, our new attempt to train corgi Cooper out of his food guarding habit.  Actually this was Kathy’s idea, and a very good one.  Cooper would only get food when he stopped growling at the bowl, and using a remote control the machine would dispense a few pieces of kibble each time.  It’s going to be a long process.

I met Piers, the doglet who managed to break his leg, at the vet with his foster, Doris.  She confirmed what I already knew, that Piers is a wonderful, sweet boy, and very easy to look after.  He has some awful metal contraption attached to his leg and it must be very uncomfortable, but like all dogs he just accepts what is without complaint.  He’s lucky to be in such a nice foster home.

I’d arranged to meet with Michael, one of our volunteers who has taken on the job of Project Coordinator for the new kennel site.  I still had the box with the two puppies with me as we used a pile of just-delivered dog food on the street outside the kennels as our conference room, while we discussed layout plans for the office and admin blocks (containers).  I was beginning to get a bit agitated as by now the foster was already very late and the pups too young to be waiting so long.  I got some soft bedding to add to the newspaper lining the box, but was watching the clock as I talked with Michael.  I was starting to wonder what I would do with the puppies if nobody turned up, as it was already too late to take them back to their mother.  Finally, not being able to concentrate on anything else, I managed to get hold of the foster’s phone number and called, only to find out that there was a problem and the puppies wouldn’t be going after all. 

Now what to do?  The pups couldn’t stay at kennels as not only have we had parvovirus there, but they are far too young to be left alone from 7pm until 9am.  I have other puppies with kennel cough on Lamma, an airborne virus that I wouldn’t be able to protect these babies from.  Ideally the pups would go back to the mother, but it was too late to do that.  In the end it was Michael who volunteered to take the pups home for the night, and they can go back to AFCD in the morning.  Taking puppies in, rather than out, of AFCD isn’t something that I would normally be doing, but being with their mama is the best thing for now.  The mother is a nice dog and I will take her out too once we have space for her and her babies.

The man with the peke mother and three chihuahua cross “children” has disappeared.  By that I mean there has been no promised email or further information, and while we never actively go looking for dogs, once we know that there are some that are about to be evicted we don’t want them to end up at AFCD or even the street.  This happens all the time.  We get calls from people who are desperate for us to take their dogs, we agree, and then – nothing.  No word, no dog, and we can only wonder about what happened.


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