Sun 24th January: Good day for puppies

Every Sunday means Whiskers’n’Paws for me (although the exception will be Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day, when the store will be closed), and each time I have to choose which puppies will go with me.  As the obvious group are coughing, I decided this week to take the few who had been the first to get kennel cough and had already got over it, plus some of the older puppies. One of these was Bamboo who had been so close to death recently, and who has now bounced back to full health.  His brother, Archie, was adopted last Sunday and came for a visit today.  He’s done so well, and is already walking on a leash like a pro.  Today was also Bamboo’s lucky day, as he too was chosen.  He really wasn’t sure of himself, or what was happening, as you can see from this photo by Mandy:

Bamboo's first - and last - homing afternoon

I had intended taking Slipper, now almost six  months old and really in need of a new home.  However, on the morning walk she somehow got into the compound of one of the other houses where a group of dogs live and, being a intruder, was beaten up.  I have no idea why or how she made the choice to invade, but it was a big mistake.  She was very shaken by the experience, so I thought it best not to bring her along and to let her rest.  She is due to be desexed tomorrow (Monday), so I gave her the day off.

In all, five puppies got homes today which is a great total.  There’s nothing better than packing up at the end of the afternoon and having an empty travel crate to carry back!

While puppies are coming back from their foster homes to find permanent adopters (three of today’s lucky pups were ex-fosters), new babies were being taken by their temporary guardians.   Two of the litter of eleven two-week olds left their mother today, and while it’s far from an ideal situation, with the mother still at AFCD and having to feed so many, taking the stronger ones will give the others a better chance of survival.  In an ideal world, the mother would be supported with lots of extra-nutritious food and the babies would be given supplemental milk.  If we had space to do this it would happen, but we don’t.

There are a lot of comments on yesterday’s entry about the pug (and cat) that is being given up by his owners because they live in government housing where pets (dogs?) aren’t allowed.   From one of the comments it seems that cats aren’t included in the ban, and I’ll certainly investigate that. In any case, this is such a common reason for surrendering a dog that I’m almost bored with asking “So why did you get a dog if you knew that dogs weren’t allowed?”.  Another call today was from someone in the same situation who has a mother and three offspring to give to us.  From what I could understand the mother is a Pekingese and the three “childen” are peke/chihuahua crosses.  I’m almost looking forward to seeing what they look like.

These three foster puppies came today to find homes, without success unfortunately, but look at these cute faces.  If you’re a volunteer you might see some similarities.  These are Shek O babies and are from the same family as many previous litters and  I recognised them as soon as I saw them at AFCD.  Every time I see a new intake of crumpled baby faces it’s like Groundhog Day.

Doesn't Toastie look just like a baby Jimbo?Waffle is our baby Mary


One Response to “Sun 24th January: Good day for puppies”

  1. whitedusk Says:,,3-0-12080-32,00.html

    Under note 4 you will see that it is a blanket ban on dogs. Cats and other small pets are actually allowed. Discrimination against dogs.

    Meanwhile I would like them to explain why occupants can smoke in apartment housing! I smell 2nd-hand smoke on a daily basis and that is more of a hygiene and health problem to me, not to mention a fire hazard!

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