Sat 23rd January: Lantau visit

The first task of the day was to get myself a new phone, the cheapest possible as I lose them regularly – that’s if the dogs don’t eat them first.  Then it was off to Lantau for a visit to the new site (and thanks to Sue for driving us there). I can now say that it’s very easy to get to by car if you know the way, and that there is a minibus and big bus service too (though I doubt that either run that frequently).  The area is beautiful and there are so many lovely dog walks around.  In fact, the whole area is one huge dog walk!  I also made a mental note that bikes would come in very handy for getting around and have added them to our wish list.

I got my phone just in time to take a call from someone about Sprig, the gorgeous black puppy girl who was living in the office temporarily.  She should be in her new home by now, a new baby sister for our ex-Milky (now Casper).

Even better, another call came in about Bosco, another black mongrel who was left outside our kennels not long ago.  He hasn’t been doing too well and is incredibly skinny, although blood tests showed no particular reason.  He may just be one of those dogs that gets so stressed at kennels that he doesn’t eat.  Anyway, he has been chosen to go to a new home so we hope he will start to eat and get some meat on his bones.

January-now-Dallas in her American home (spot the flag in the background)

There was an update from California on January, now Dallas, a German Shepherd cross who was lucky enough to be sent to Orange County to find a new home.  She’s doing extremely well and is much loved by her family.

The pug in happier times

This not-so-lucky pug has been given his marching orders, along with his cat friend, as they live in public housing where pets aren’t allowed.  The pug is already eleven years old so I’m not sure whether he’s been in hiding all his life and has just been discovered, or whether he only recently moved in.  Either way he needs a new home, as does the cat (I’ve forwarded that info to the cat people).  Please contact Kirsten on 94902061 if you can take a lovely black and white cat home, or even better a cat and a pug.


8 Responses to “Sat 23rd January: Lantau visit”

  1. Diana Says:

    The not so lucky Pug is just one of the victims under the “no dog” policy in public housing. While I agree that this kind of policy is out-of-date and those living in public housing should be entitled to pet companionship, rules are for people to comply. If people know the rules but still go ahead to acquire a dog, keep it secretly and then give it up later on because of the no dog policy, it is irresponsible. It is sad. It’s not fair to the dog. I hope the AFCD can produce a commercial bringing out this message. I hope there can be a balance that’s to everyone’s mutual benefit of dog companionship. Finally, Sally, for all the good things you and the volunteers have done for the dogs, good things will happen to you all.

  2. Norma M Says:

    Lovely to see January (Dallas) in her new home. She was a beautiful girl and now has a loving family. Thanks to all involved in organising her transfer and rehoming. I hope she has settled well.

  3. Anna Says:

    The new site sounds really beautiful – things shall turn out very well!
    And Jan’s gone a LONG way, It’s pretty amazing, what happens…

  4. Cheryl Says:

    I hope the pug can get a new home very soon! In addition I have to say that CATS are ALLOWED in public housing, the criteria is they have to be desexed. I don’t understand why there’s still so many people misunderstanding that “cats are not allowed”. Also other pets (birds, reptiles, rodents etc., ) except DOGS are also allowed. (that’s very unfair and unreasonable…)

  5. Cheryl Says:

    pls refer to Housing Authority,,,1-0-0-0,00.html#note3
    (read Note 4)

  6. Monrudee Says:

    We have so many problems in TH. We always said ‘Never Have Pets when you are not ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  7. tina Says:

    It’s so ridiculous that the housing authority lists different allowed breeds. what about mixed breeds?

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