Fri 22nd January: Plans taking shape

This morning three older Lamma puppies went for desexing and licensing.  I think of this event as a rite of passage, marking the time when a puppy officially moves onto the next stage of life: trial adulthood. 

Gala as a baby, and she hasn't changed muchOne of them, Gala, the last of Oona’s puppies and the one that looks exactly like her mother, has at last become confident enough to allow me to pet her, and even pick her up.  The “Monkey” gene carries the mistrust of humans, and every one of these dogs shares that trait.  By tempting Gala every day with spoonfuls of yummy food I gained enough of her trust to be able to handle her, but her older “aunts” remain untouchable, even though they enjoy being around me and living in my house.  There’s something about these scruffy-coated dogs that draws me to them, and I love them to bits.

After their surgery and while they were still a bit dopey from the anaesthetic, the three puppies went to AFCD to be microchipped and have their rabies vaccination.  As always, it was impossible to leave without taking at least some of the many dogs waiting for either death or deliverance, and today I took one of the motherless litters, eight baby pups in total.

The mother dog still in there has eleven hungry mouths to feed and I wonder how long it will be before her milk supply runs out, or becomes insufficient to cope with the demand.  The puppies vary in size from really teeny tiny to normal for that age, and I’m not sure whether they are all the mother’s or whether she has had her own brood added to.  They all look similar, and it’s quite possible for a dog to have eleven pups, but I still wonder.  I really need to find foster homes for the larger pups so that the really small ones can get their fill of milk.  If anyone can help, please let me know.  The pups are about two weeks old now, and they will learn to eat by themselves very quickly if they have to.

After the mad dash to AFCD I had another meeting to go to in Central, this time with the architect and team who are helping to design the new kennels. I feel incredibly lucky to have the experienced and professional support of so many amazing people, and we now have a scale model of the site, complete with little paper kennel blocks.  We spent some time discussing improvements and modifications, but seeing the whole project taking shape like this is incredibly exciting.

After the meeting was over, I realised that I had left my coat and phone at at the kennels so had to go back for them rather than go straight home.  However, on checking my coat pockets, and again to make sure, there was no phone and when the number was called it went straight to voicemail.  Looks like I need yet another new (and very cheap) replacement.


4 Responses to “Fri 22nd January: Plans taking shape”

  1. joana Says:

    my sister bought some phones at mong kok for 50, decent stuff, provides basic functions. nokia as well

  2. Helen Says:

    I really admire the work you are doing Sally.. I went for my first dog walking session yesterday and it was sooo overwhelming. It really is amazing the way you guys have got the HKDR kennels organised. God Bless:)

  3. Ling Says:

    There’s a garage dog (boy) in Kennedy Town (by the fire station) that looks exactly like the ‘Monkey pups’ black with the same white whiskery face. If Oona came from Pok Fu Lam area, maybe they are related… 🙂

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