Weds 20th January: Spider pups, and more pups

I thought I was completely losing my mind when I was trying to get all the dogs in at night, and as fast as I put them through the door they were appearing back in the garden.  I went to the back door to see if somehow a gap in the fence had been made, and saw instead a group of puppies halfway up a stone wall that they’ve obviously been secretly training on.  I suppose the uneven stones give them footholds, but these are supposed to be dogs, not  Spiderpups.

There was no putting off the AFCD visit yet again, and today was the day when I knew I had to take out Jasmine, a sweet but very scared dog who had been waiting a long time.   We’ve seen dogs like Andy and Dawn change from being terrified kennel-clingers to happy individuals who love their walks, so I knew that we could do the same for the pretty girl who had the same non-aggressive fear. 

I recruited Mark to help me with this task, correctly anticipating that it wasn’t going to be easy, so while I was busy with two older puppies it was Mark who went  to get Jasmine out of her kennel.  It seemed to be going well at first, and I could see Mark waiting at the entrance to the kennel block while I was still trying to persuade the two puppies that I wasn’t about to kill them. But while I was getting my two charges microchipped and rabies vaccinated, things weren’t going quite as smoothly for Mark.  Jasmine had already chewed her way through at least one leash and was running free in the kennel yard.  You have to remember that in these dogs’ minds they are literally running for their lives, and it took some time to get Jasmine into a corner and even longer to get her out of it.  The main thing is that throughout the ordeal Jasmine never once attempted to bite, even if she did destroy Mark’s special and extra-strong leash (and quite a few bushes and plants).  She’ll be fine.

The last one of the day was Sprig, a very cute singleton puppy who was more than happy to be picked up and carried out.   At the moment she looks like a little black labrador puppy, so hopefully she’ll be adopted very quickly.

AFCD was a depressing experience though, despite having eventually managed to rescue Jasmine, as the kennels is once again full of puppies, in litters, small groups and singles.  There is a mother with her newborns, at least nine of them, all beautiful, innocent lives.  Another litter of at least eight, motherless, clustered together in a corner.  Yet another group of six, seven, eight, who knows?  There must be at least thirty puppies there, from very young to three months or so.  In just a few weeks hundreds of unwanted puppies are born, almost all of them destined to die one way or another. 

There has to be a better way than this and there IS an answer in TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) if only the government would agree to it.  I know it’s being discussed, as it has been discussed for the past ten-plus years, but during that time I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of unwanted puppies have  been born, death from starvation, disease or at the hands of the authorities their only guaranteed fate?  Enough is surely enough.


One Response to “Weds 20th January: Spider pups, and more pups”

  1. W Says:

    read it in a local Chinese newspapers yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?) that a few District Councils have resolved to run TNR pilot scheme.

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