Mon 18th January: Poor parvo puppies


After a very quiet Sunday at kennels, today was the total opposite.  I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about overcrowding in the office (where the small dogs hang out) as there was a big clearance almost immediately and now we are back to Luca (yes, still with us), corgi Cooper (who is undergoing training and very successfully), Scooter, the not-mini miniature pinscher cross and Blinky, a young, cute and fearless Pekingese.

Belle the new poodle was adopted, and now has a poodle brother to play with.  Poor bewildered Venus changed character as soon as she left the office and found herself a foster home as a result, with possible adoption to follow.

What a face! Adorable pug cross Sassy

Little Sassy, recovering from treatment for heartworm infection, also went off to a foster home but now she had a bladder infection too.  I really hope it’s just a case of needing antibiotics.

We had a new little dog surrendered, an unknown mix of Maltese (apparently) and Yorkie (maybe) with a bit of something else thrown in.  He is called Lulu, but I think we’ll have to either change that name or give him a sex change.  Re-naming is by far the easiest option.  Anyway, lucky Lulu went straight to a foster home.

The chihuahua and dachshund puppy had gone straight into a foster home when they arrived on Friday, and both came back in the afternoon to see the vet.  We already knew that Saucy, the dachshund puppy, wasn’t well, but it turned out be worse than anticipated and the poor baby girl has parvovirus. She’s now in hospital and all we can do is wait and wish her luck.  Both of these pups have homes to go to, so please don’t email about adoption.  As always, the small dogs don’t stay with us for long unless they have a health or behaviour problem.  If you are waiting for a particular kind of dog or puppy, let us know and we can put your name down on a waiting list (

Wales has found a home

Wales, the border collie, was also adopted today and while we’re always happy to see dogs leave to start their new life, we are all painfully aware that none of the dogs adopted recently have been mongrels.

My afternoon at kennels was cut short when a recent arrival, puppy Tickle,  was taken to the vet because he didn’t seem well and it turned out that he too has parvovirus.  I was expecting tick fever as he was covered in ticks when I got him from AFCD (hence the name), but instead I had to take him to Wanchai to join Saucy in hospital.

Poor Tickle is now in hospital on a drip

The worst thing about parvovirus is that it’s so easy to spread.  As soon as I got home after dropping Tickle off, I had to take off my outer clothes and put them straight into the washing machine, along with a ton of disinfectant. Shoes too need disinfecting.  I have baby pups that are vulnerable, and the last thing I need is to re-introduce parvo.   I have mentioned before that parvovirus is a man-made disease (developed in a laboratory by scientists), and it’s funny but also sad to read from a dog care book dated 1986: “Parvovirus: A recently diagnosed condition in dogs which tends to occur in sporadic epidemics …….” .  If you want to know why I would never have a flu vaccination, look no further.


9 Responses to “Mon 18th January: Poor parvo puppies”

  1. Diana Says:

    That bonanza sale at the Excelsior, was it successful?

  2. Cheryl Kwok Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the site for buying bricks is a little inconvenient if you want to use Paypal to pay as it’s all in Chinese so if you don’t read Chinese you’re stuffed!
    I ended up using my credit card as payment after going around in circles………..
    You might want to add an alternative English to the Paypal payment.

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      It’s not supposed to be like this but the Computer Goblins have been at work. The Elves are now busy fixing the problem, but thanks for letting us know.

    • Sally Says:

      This is a temporary problem which we’re doing our best to sort out. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon, and apologies for the inconvenience.

  3. Liz Says:

    Hi Sally, I read your posts daily and enjoy them very much. I also regularly follow Mandy Chu’s photo blogs. Wasn’t Cooper adopted during Christmas? Is he (she?) still looking for a home? =)

    • Sally Says:

      He is back and looking for a home, but he comes with an issue around food. We’re working on it but it will take time and patience. Apart from when there’s food around, he’s a lovely sweet dog.

  4. nanako Says:

    I’m desperately looking for more info. & progress of Sassy. Is she recovering well? I am interested to meet her if she is not homed yet. Pls. write back! Many thx.

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