Sun 17th January: Goodbye to the Wanchai Park

Where to go now?

Whiskers’n’Paws was quieter than normal today, and I think a lot of dog owners were at the Wanchai waterfront park to say farewell to one of the few areas in urban Hong Kong where dogs have been welcome.  So now what?  As more and more residential complexes start to enforce their previously ignored No Pet policies, and dogs are banned from just about everywhere, the pet shops continue to sell puppies and people who live in no-dog homes continue to buy them.  Is it just the Hong Kong government who can’t see that the two sides don’t add up?  Either open up more places where dogs are allowed, or close down the pet trade.

The fact that we have two 0ne-year old golden retrievers still waiting for homes, as well as a variety of other young dogs large and small,  just underlines the stupidity and fickleness of the pet shop customers.  Of all the reasons given for surrender the most common is that the owners live in public housing (where pets aren’t allowed).  I know I keep repeating myself, but I’ll keep on doing so until someone in government wakes up to the fact that this isn’t just about the dogs (although they are the ultimate victims, of course), it’s a huge social issue that needs to be addressed properly, not just swept under the carpet or given a cosmetic makeover.  Thousands of dogs are destroyed every year simply because there are too many of them, and people keep dumping and replacing with new ones.  This is life we’re talking about, not old furniture (on that note, please see last paragraph).

At least there were two puppy adoptions at Whiskers’n’Paws, and gorgeous, fluffy Archie was one of the lucky ones.  His brother was one of the two pups that were clinging on to life for a while, but have now made an almost full recovery.  I hope he’ll be next in line for a home.

There were visits from two adopters (both have Yorkies) from the very early days of HKDR, long before we had the Pokfulam kennels and all dogs were either adopted directly from AFCD kennels or from Lamma.  Blind Yorkie Bumble is still doing well but he has lost his friend to old age, and now needs a new pair of eyes (I mean another dog as a guide).  I hope we can find him a new friend soon.  It’s hard when dogs lose their close buddies as the bond is very strong, but for a blind dog to lose his “eyes” must be ten times worse.

I tried rearranging the dog’s sleeping layout when I got back from Whiskers’n’Paws, and realised that I really need some new dog beds.  Many of the real beds were moved to kennels when we were short and I’ve been using my creative talents to compensate, but while the older and more dominant dogs were happy they were hogging all the best spots and leaving the younger or less pushy ones with a small (hard) space to share.  I’ve also been working on ideas for comfortable but strong alternatives to the trampoline beds, and have some things I want to try.  For that I need sofa or chair cushions, the large rectangular ones, so if you’re getting rid of old upholstered chairs or sofas that have cushions, please send them my way.


8 Responses to “Sun 17th January: Goodbye to the Wanchai Park”

  1. Wayan Chan Says:

    About the closing of the Wanchai dog park, I think this is a real shame.

    Here is my suggestion – shut down (or strongly regulate) the pet stores who sell live cats and dogs, and at the same time, open all parks and public spaces to dogs. Of the many parks and beaches we have in HK, many have “No Dogs” signs (why, I am not sure). But I agree Sally, it makes no sense to keep allowing dogs to be sold, and yet restrict where dogs can be taken!

  2. Helen Yeung Says:

    What are the sizes of chair cushions you are looking at? Have to be rectangular? Fabric or leather or vinyl?

    • Sally Says:

      Hi Helen,
      I think any cushion that is large enough for a sofa is large enough to make a dog bed. It doesn’t matter what the fabric is as it will be covered in something more durable. I think all sofa cushions are either square or rectangular, so any will do.

  3. Kore Says:

    I tried the old sofa cushions for my young active dog. It is great and he is still trying to destroyed it after 3 months. I also use old pillows to fill 2 old dog beds for my 15 years old Shepherd (yes, she is big and needs 2 regular size beds). She is in the process of tearing it apart each day unsuccessfully. They are great because she gets her daily exercises.

    Good luck!

  4. Helen Yeung Says:

    I will try to contact a sofa manufacturer which collects old sofas when they deliver new, perhaps I can convince them to let us have the old cushions, do we have the resources to collect if they are available?

    • Sally Says:

      As long as they are in Hong Kong and there are enough of them to make a van or truck worthwhile, yes, we can do that. Thanks for your help.

  5. Barbara Lee Says:

    I have a single wooden Bed Frame. It would be easy for the larger dogs to get up and down off it. If you can use this I am happy to bring to your new site. There is no mattress though.

    Where exactly is your new location in Tung Chung? I live on Lantau.

    Thanks, Barbara

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