Fri 15th Jan: What a week!

What a week it’s been.  There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, dogs in, dogs out and dogs returned. The joy of seeing two of our long-termers adopted last weekend soon turned to dust as both came back, and lovely husky girl Ojay was also adopted and returned before we had time to blink.  When we ask “Please think before adopting”, we really do mean it.

I had two more meetings scheduled for the afternoon and was worried about the dogs at AFCD and what I was missing, not having been able to get there for my usual visits.  So once again I asked Kathy for help and she went in my stead, coming back with two new small dogs and a litter of baby pups.  One of the small dogs was a tiny Maltese (maybe with poodle?) boy, just a youngster and cute as a button.  His coat was so matted that the vet had to shave it right down to the skin before being able to do anything, so poor little Benson is now sporting a woolly jumper and a rather unattractive hairdo.  What a sweetheart though, and now a very happy boy and bouncing around the office.  He won’t have to wait long for a home.

The other small dog was shih tzu Venus, a sweet girl who has an endearing way of tipping her head quizically to one side, as if asking “What are you doing?”.  She’s a bit older at six years, but I’m sure she’ll find a home soon too.

Things are getting a bit crowded in the office and we have more newcomers due tomorrow.  These are the next batch from AFCD Kowloon and include a chihuahua puppy, a mini dachshund puppy and a poodle.  If I didn’t know that we had homes waiting for these lucky dogs I’d be panicking by now, but it will only be a short-term crush before they are moved on.

The afternoon meetings were to discuss the plans for the new kennel site in Tung Chung, and to see how Swire Properties and HKDR can work together on the project.  Now that the initial panic is over and things are starting to take shape, excitement has taken the place of disappointment and having the first draft of the layout in my hands has brought it all home.    The dogs will have a lot more space and room to run and play, and hopefully even swim in the stream when it’s hot.  Now we just need the money to pay for everything.  Please help us by spreading the word about the Buy a Brick campaign as every brick is one more step towards building our dream.


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