Weds 13th January: Learning a new trade

It’s suddenly winter again and I have to make sure the puppies have plenty of warm bedding to snuggle into.  They have each other, of course, and I love to see them piled on top of each other with just a face or a paw peeking out of a fur mountain.  It makes me think of all the puppies out there in the street, or even at AFCD kennels, where there are no warm or soft places for them to sleep.  Even with the fleecy beds and cushions though, kennel cough has arrived, and although only one pup so far has started with the retching cough I know it won’t be long before they are all affected.  At least I have enough puppies at kennels and coming in from foster to fill the Whiskers’n’Paws quota on Sunday.

I asked Kathy to get an old dog from AFCD this morning.  I’d seen it there but had forgotten to take it out and couldn’t stop thinking about her.  She’s a very old shih tzu, surrendered because of age and frailty, and whether we take her to be gently put to sleep, or give her a warm and snug bed for a while, at least she won’t be ending her days without love.

Coconut, the terrier found on the Peak, went for grooming and came back sparkling white and feeling good about himself.  He has attached himself to Kathy as many of the small dogs do (they can spot a soft heart), and frets when she leaves the office.  No doubt Kathy reminds him of his previous owner too.  He’ll be going for surgery tomorrow, for desexing and hopefully to repair his eyelids.

The young cocker spaniel, Kimmy, who came to us from AFCD only yesterday has already found himself a new home.   Dogs certainly seem to be flying out at the moment, as long as they’re purebreeds.

Big baby Chippy

I must find a home for Chippy, whether it’s a foster or permanent.  She’s right at the bottom of the pecking order on Lamma, and is constantly being bullied, picked on and nipped at by the other dogs.  Being a sharpei cross, her coat is thin and marks very easily, and her hindquarters are criss-crossed with scars.  She’s such a big baby that she makes an easy target, and the only time she really feels safe is when she’s in my arms.  She doesn’t know that she’s a bit too big to be carried and is always asking me to pick her up.  I know that when she’s alone with just a few of the other young dogs she’s so happy and playful, and I want her to be able to live like this all the time not just for an hour a day when she gets out to play on the beach.

My life at the moment seems to be a constant round of meetings and interviews, with snatched doggie time in between.  There’s so much that needs to be done to get the new kennel site even partially ready for the move at the end of March, plus we need to raise the funds to pay for everything. Of course I’m not alone and have some great volunteers and supporters helping with the various aspects, but trying to piece it all together is like trying to complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle balanced on your lap.   I’m so grateful for the backup and support, all of which is being donated, but this is a huge project and I have no experience in the construction trade.  It looks like I will after all of this though.


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