Tues 12th January: Today’s newcomers

I’ve been told by a few of our Chinese volunteers about a programme that’s aired at 8.30pm on TVB Jade and Jade HD every week night.  It’s called “A Watchdog’s Tale” and  centres around a female veterinary surgeon who goes around picking up stray dogs.  The real star of the show is a typical village dog, and the storylines revolve around all of the issues that we have been trying so hard to educate people about such as adequate exercise, desexing and not dressing dogs up in silly clothes and pushing them round in baby buggies.   This programme could do more for dogs than anything else, and I’m absolutely over the moon that it’s being shown, and apparently has very high ratings too.  A big round of applause for TVB!

Back at the kennels today, I went over to AFCD as soon as I arrived to see what the weekend had brought.  There are new puppies, of course, but until there is somewhere for them to go they will have to wait. 

A black cocker spaniel cross had been surrendered, and the reason given by the owners was that they had too many dogs.  The truth, we subsequently found out, is that the poor girl has multiple health issues though none of them so serious that they can’t be dealt with.  She has an ear infection and probable bladder stones which means that she has to pee little and often.  She’s six years old, and incredibly sweet natured as well as being very cute (she’s a cocker/terrier cross), and I called her Mopsy because she looks like a mop.

Another (real) cocker spaniel had been surrendered by a fifteen year old girl.  The dog is around 2 years old, and seems like one of the ‘good’ cockers (meaning not one that has the unfortunate unpredictable nature that so many spaniels seem to have).  His name is now Kimmy.

A third dog was from Pokfulam Village, an area of squatter shacks which we now know is a thriving breeding ground for dogs of all sorts.  This boy is a young adult, very pretty and also with a nice temperament.  He’s also surplus to requirements, yet another un-owned, unwanted result of rampant breeding amongst free-roaming dogs.  Pokfulam Village reminds me of the old Kowloon Walled City with it’s maze of narrow passageways and variety of shacks, some of which have become quite smart with all mod cons, others still pretty ramshackle.  It’s amazing that this place still exists, sitting as it does in an area of high-end residential developments and upmarket homes. If ever there was an area that needed to be targeted for a major desexing programme, this is it.  The dogs that live there are all well socialised and rub along well enough with their neighbours, four or two-legged, but there are just too many of them.

Another little dog was brought to us today, a sweet terrier cross who was found wandering on the Peak.  It seems he has been living rough for a while judging by his coat, but the strangest thing about him is his eyes.  It looks as though someone has cut a slit in each lower eyelid which has healed over but has left an opening.  The cut is in the same place on both eyes so it’s not an accidental wound, but whatever it is the eyelids will have to be repaired.  If anyone knows this dog and his unmistakable eyes, please let us know.  He has no microchip is is probably about two years old.  He looks like a Westie cross (with no tail), and I’ve called him Coconut.


2 Responses to “Tues 12th January: Today’s newcomers”

  1. Gloria Says:

    The name of “that typical village dog”in that show is Ah Wong and looks like our Ah Wong but that one is a girl.

  2. Alex Says:

    I have been a pure animal lover sense I can remeber. It pains me to see animals mistreated and I am making efforts everyday to help those animals who are in need. In result of my effort to save animals, I’ve started Animal Rescue Forums as a online community aimed at saving animals.

    Anyway, thanks for this blog post Sally, I enjoyed the read

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