Mon 11th January: Bricks online

I had an unexpected day at home today after the dogs insisted I join in their games while out walking, crashed into my already-injured leg at full speed and sent me flying, then stood around looking innocent as I lay yelling with pain on the ground.  I’d been wondering if I should stay home and rest my ankle, but the decision was made for me.  I’ll need to get out soon to replenish my lifesaving painkillers though. (I’m fine by the way).

It wasn’t such a good day for Ninja either, as he was sent back to kennels having failed his trial.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but he’s back.  Also coming back is sweet Maddie, who’s apparently a chewer.   I know the feeling only too well having lost yet another pair of reading glasses and more puppy vaccination cards from the desk today, but I’m sad for Maddie that it’s meant she can’t stay in her home.  It must have been exciting for her to have so much around her that looked so chewable having been brought up on Lamma where there’s no furniture other than dog beds.

There was good news for Piers though, as he was able to get out of hospital after one of our lovely fosters agreed to take him in.  He’s the young dog who somehow ended up with a fractured leg and couldn’t come back to kennels.  It will take about six weeks for the leg to heal.

Nancy's living her dream now

Nancy, who must be the sweetest and easiest doglet ever, is now staying at Whiskers’n’Paws where she feels happy and at home.  She’s a shopoholic, so living in a store that’s filled with all sorts of goodies is like a dream come true for her.  I just hope she can resist the temptation to eat herself sick.

The Buy a Brick campaign is  hotting up and the “bricks” are now available online from the website, (click here to get yours) as well as from the kennels and Whiskers’n’Paws.  If you buy online the “brick” will be sent to you so you can write your name or dedication on it.  At some point we will need all the bricks to come back to us so they can be added to the Wall of Support at our new kennels in Tung Chung.  We’d like to start building a wall at our Pokfulam site, but knowing the dogs it would be destroyed before we had a chance to move it to Lantau.

I just received this YouTube video which is doing the rounds.  It’s a wonderful story, and an inspirational one too.  Dumb dogs?  I don’t think so:


2 Responses to “Mon 11th January: Bricks online”

  1. Norma M Says:

    Ninja just refuses to walk these days. Maybe that was the reason.
    He used to be more outgoing and even went for runs with Boris, not sure why he became so reserved.

  2. Marie Says:

    Oh what a beautiful clip, I loved it so much!! Incredibly inspiring and as the clip said, 100% joyful. Thank you for sharing.

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