Sun 10th January: What a weekend!

There have been so many dogs adopted this weekend that I’ll just have to make a list.  Many of them were in-and-out dogs, so although they haven’t made a dent in the numbers it’s still lovely that they didn’t have to spend much – if any – time at kennels.  Here they are:

10-month German shepherd "Boy"French bulldog Baguette: in and out so fast he was with us less than an hour.  Puppy Satchel, a fantastic mini dog who is smart as well as cute.  Timmy the schnauzer, arrived on Friday, adopted on Saturday.  Bull terrier Annamarie, and two older cocker spaniels, Perry and Tanner.  German shepherd, Boy, and golden retriever, Abbe, both surrendered on Saturday and adopted on Sunday.  Dalmation Pasta, came in on Friday, adopted today. 

Older cocker Tanner has a new life just starting

Old English sheepdog, Jasper, was adopted for the second time, this time for ever. Shih tzu Nelly went from her foster home to a new, permanent one.  Four puppies were adopted at Whiskers’n’Paws, three of them coming in from their foster homes to try their luck.  Daniel, Birdie, Biba and Poppy were today’s lucky ones, with fluffy ball Archie looking good for next Sunday.

Ninja, lab at the front, rottie from the back

I’m saving the best until last as these two dogs have been with us for a long time, and neither are purebreeds.  Firstly Ninja, a black labalike whose previous owner obviously couldn’t decide if the puppy was a labrador or a rottweiler, but cut the tail off anyway.  And then there is Marmalade, a very special lady who has a long story to tell if anyone has the time to listen.

Marmalade was first brought to us by someone who had been feeding her as a street dog.  She had had puppies (one of whom ended up with us via AFCD was was adopted very quickly), so she was desexed before coming to kennels.  However, having lived on the street all her life, Marmalade didn’t appreciate being cooped up and ran away as soon as she could.  She spent the next year living quite happily on Cyberport Road despite many attempts to catch her.  She was far too smart for tricks, and would allow you to get reasonably close before trotting away.  We saw her almost every day, and two of our volunteers, sisters Nancy and Rose, would feed her at a special, safe place to make sure that she didn’t wander away in search of food.  I can’t remember how she was eventually caught (does anyone?), but this time we made sure she didn’t get away again and she settled in with her kennel mate, Fuzzy.  Then it turned out that her desex operation hadn’t been a complete one and she was still coming into season.  (If even a small piece of ovary is left this can happen).  So poor Marmalade had to be spayed again, this time successfully.  Now she has a home of her own at last, which she will be sharing with the golden retriever who came in and went out without even blinking.  Good luck sweet Marmalade, and please don’t run away again!

Bonita enjoying a head scratch

Bonita, the dog that was fed a diet of potato and snails by her previous owner, is slowly starting to come alive although her eyes have been permanently damaged from years of malnourishment.  She joined a party of volunteers at Cyberport park and looked happy at last.  Check out Mandy Chu’s great photoblog at for some other great shots of our dogs enjoying their weekend hikes with volunteers.  I’m always very happy to see these photos, and to know that our dogs have had a lovely weekend.

The puppies at the kennels (the nut cases) are so beautiful and are now no longer shy.  I’m planning to take them to Whiskers’n’Paws next Sunday, although I don’t know why at least some of them haven’t already been adopted.  Look at this beautiful girl, Almond.

Almond, what a cutie!

The Buy a Brick campaign is already starting to take off and the “bricks” should be available online as from today.  We’re just doing the tweaking now.  The bricks make great gifts if you can’t think of anything to buy someone, and there is a space on the front for names, greetings or messages.  Write what you want to say and your “brick” will join all the others on our Wall of Support at the new kennels in Tung Chung.

If you haven’t already seen the photo of the new site on our Facebook fan page, here it is.

Your bricks will help transform this into a new home for the dogs


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  1. rui qi Says:

    !!! Marmalade, yes!

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