Sat 9th January: A sticky end

While I spent the day at the Excelsior Hotel at our Bonanza Sale, volunteers at the kennels were kept busy with adopters, both potential and actual.  Of all the dogs finding new homes, it was Annamarie’s success that gave me the biggest boost.  She is the bull terrier that I was dithering about because I wasn’t sure how she would be with other dogs at the kennels, and also because this breed usually has a long wait before finding a home.  Annamarie turned out to have the sweetest nature and was great with other dogs, so my fears were unfounded on all counts. (Sandy, your gut feelings were spot on!)

Today was the launch of our “Brick” sales and we did quite well at the Excelsior with around $10,000’s worth of bricks bought.  Now that we have them, the “bricks” will be distributed around Hong Kong, and they will also be available from the website very soon.  As a reminder, these bricks are cards which will eventually be pinned or pasted onto a wall at our new Tung Chung kennels, so that everyone who has helped us to build will really be a part of the project.  There is a space on the front where you can write your name or a message, so it will be visible once the Wall of Support goes up.

There was good news too about Satchel from his new “parents”.  He’s doing very well and they love him, so I’m pretty sure he won’t be coming back.

After a satisfying day at the sale and the kennels, I got back home to find a herd of baby pups rampaging round the top floor of the house.  They had managed to escape from their new spacious enclosure (the other side of the fence is always more interesting) and had decorated the entire floor and carpet with their smelly messages.  It took me a while to discover how they were getting out, so as fast as I caught them and put them back inside, there would be new escapees appearing.  They all look the same (and this is going to be a ongoing problem when it comes to vaccinations) so I had no idea who was who.  Finally they were all back inside and I found the small gap that was enough for a baby pup to squeeze through.

The last task of the day is getting all the dogs and doglets into the house so I can close the doors and go to bed.  Dogs left outside at night can be guaranteed to bark.  Most of them respond to my calls of “In, in” but there are always the stragglers who have to be caught and carried inside.  This evening it was Mistral, the Misto-alike girl who is becoming more and like him in character as well as looks.  She’s grown a lot since I first got her from Dog Island, and she has the deepest and biggest bark I’ve ever heard on a dog. Anyway, she decided to play hard to get this particular night and she ran up to the top garden area when I called everyone in.  Having closed the doors to stop the others getting out, I followed Mistral up the bank and picked her up. Coming back down I got to the bottom of the steep and uneven stone steps safely, but as my foot touched the ground at the bottom I stumbled under the weight of Mistral, and fell.  The pain in my ankle was excruciating and I was convinced it was broken.  The reality of my situation came to me as I lay on the ground wailing.  There was nobody to hear me, and even if someone did and came to my aid, there was no way anyone could get into my house.  So feeling incredibly sorry for myself  I crawled back inside (with Mistral dashing in as soon as I opened the door), swallowed a couple of pain killers, and hauled myself up the spiral staircase and to bed.

As you may have gathered (by the fact that I’m sitting here typing on Sunday morning), my ankle isn’t broken but it’s swollen and painful, so I think I’m going to be sitting down a lot in the coming few days.


7 Responses to “Sat 9th January: A sticky end”

  1. Norma M Says:

    It happens so quickly and when you least expect to fall.
    Take care and hope that the ankle is better soon.

  2. Susan Says:

    Take care Sally! Hope your ankle will fare better very soon.

  3. Hilo Says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself!

  4. Linda Says:

    Take care Sally.

  5. Gloria Says:

    Sally, are you OK?

  6. Yolanda Says:

    Take care and have a speedy recovery.

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