Fri 8th January: A full day

Rover, one of my five month-old pups, was very quiet when I went downstairs to make coffee this morning.  While the other dogs and puppies carried out their ritual mauling, Rover sat quietly in the corner, head down and clearly not feeling too bright.  I checked him out and could find nothing obvious, no pale gums or signs of injury, but I put him in a crate to give him some peace from the other pups, and left a bowl of yummy food for him. 

Later on when it was time to leave for the kennels, he hadn’t touched the food and was now very clearly not well.  Along with Satchel, who was going to a new home, I picked up the crate with Rover still inside and negotiated my way through the pack and out of the gate with the intention of taking Rover to the vet.  I put the crate down to shut the gate, and within those few moments Rover had quietly passed away.  I have no idea why, and later on when I asked the vet what could possible have caused Rover’s death she couldn’t come up with any obvious suggestions.  Whatever the reason, Rover’s short life has ended.  RIP little man.

Before taking Satchel to his new home I went via AFCD to get him microchipped and licensed, a big milestone in a puppy’s life.  This is paper proof that they are growing up, as five months is the age when a puppy must have a rabies shot and microchip.  They are then in the system and legally exist.  Satchel is normally a confident, even cocky, little dog but today he wasn’t too sure of himself or what was happening.  I don’t usually hand deliver dogs to their new homes (although in the very early days I used to drive all over the New Territories doing  just that), but I’d arranged to meet up with another dog first, a shih tzu who was going to be Satchel’s new sister if all worked out.    I hope that all goes well and will wait for news over the weekend.

The dogs that we had been waiting for from another AFCD kennel made their appearance in the late afternoon, and went straight to the vet to have their health check, heartworm test and vaccinations.  By the time that was done, there was already an adopter waiting to see the French bulldog, and within a hour of arrival the lucky boy was heading off to his new home.  Now that’s a real in-and-out dog!

Perry, a new and very sweet cocker spaniel, was found to have back dew claws (the extra toe that some dogs have) that had grown so long they had curled back into the pad.  This is the danger of dew claws and the reason why we have them removed at the time of desexing.  It must be excruciatingly painful to have a nail slowly growing into your flesh.  With the help of one of the kennel staff, Perry’s foot was shaved (cockers have very hairy feet and legs) so I could get a clear view of the claw before cutting it off, but even after having done so the end of the claw was so firmly embedded in the pad that it was impossible to get out.   We had to take him across the road to the vet, have him knocked out, and the half claw extracted while he was asleep.  All four of Perry’s dew claws will now be removed when he goes in for desexing next week.

There was yet another emergency when gorgeous doglet Piers was found to be limping.  He was sent to the SPCA in Wanchai where an X-ray revealed a fractured tibia (leg bone), and Piers will need surgery and then a foster home to allow him to recover.  Please, if anyone can take Piers in for about a month, we really need a safe place for him.  I have no idea how the injury occurred, but all the matters right now is that he recovers.

Finally, the “bricks” arrived today and I have to explain that these aren’t real bricks, but postcards that have a brick design.  They come in $100, $500 and $1000 denominations, and the idea is that people buy these “bricks” for themselves or as gifts for others, write a name in a space on the front, and then these cards will be pasted up on a real wall at the new kennels when it is built.  The card “bricks” will then become a Wall of Support showing the many names of those who contributed towards the building of a new home for the dogs.  The “bricks” are now available at the kennels, and will be on sale at the Excelsior hotel on Saturday (Kellett Room 3), and at various other locations once they are delivered.  We have already sold three of the $1000 bricks!


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