Thurs 7th January: We’re getting a van!

When I got the email asking if HKDR wanted a van I never expected it would be a brand new one but yes, EverLuck Products Ltd have offered us just that – and with the HKDR name on the side.  Now we have the land, thanks to Swire Properties, and a van to get us there.  That’s a great way to start.  Keep it coming ……….

If there’s one thing that does keep coming, it’s a supply of dogs.  Today’s calls included one from someone wanting to surrender a ten-month German Shepherd (which a friend gave to her), and another from a nice woman who had found two young shih tzus abandoned.  They’re only around a year old, so I said of course we will take them in.   There’s also a young husky girl who’s being given up becauase she’s destroying the furniture.  Now there’s a surprise.  A young dog chewing things.  Hmmmmm ……

This looks suspiciously like a studio shot

Finally the dogs coming from another AFCD kennels will be arriving in the next day or so.  These are the French bulldog, the young schnauzer and the dalmation.  For anyone who has asked about adopting and hasn’t completed one of our questionnaires, can you please do that.  The dogs will go to the first good home that can take them.

We’ve seen a remarkable turnaround in one of the dogs that came to us as an angry young man.  Scooter, who looks like a giant Miniature Pinscher or Manchester terrier, moved into the office today after Dizzy the pom was adopted, and almost instantly changed into a very nice dog .   His initial behaviour was worrying, but we’ve seen time and time again that it’s not fair or right to judge a dog or its character by the way it behaves coming straight from AFCD, or having just been surrendered.  It would be hard to imagine the shock and fear that these dogs experience, and it’s just a wonder that any of them are friendly from the word go.  Behaviour assessments done at AFCD or before a dog has a chance to settle are totally unfair.  It’s mainly the small dogs that I’m talking about as they seem to be affected far more than the larger ones (though it’s not always the case), and there are several reasons.  One being that they have probably led sheltered, and maybe even pampered, lives before being dumped, and the other is that being a small animal in a big world must be very scary in itself.  We tend to see the world from our own perspective, but if you lay on the ground and looked up you’d get an idea of what it must feel like. 

Another little dog that came to us from AFCD terrified and has changed a lot since being in foster is Pesto, the chihuahua whose eye was so badly injured that it had to be removed.  Apart from the fear (he had clearly been an inside dog before being thrown out on the street), he must have been suffering terrible pain from his eye.  He’s now a very sweet and affectionate boy, and he needs a permanent home please.

(I’m trying to get photos up but I’m still having a few problems in that department).


One Response to “Thurs 7th January: We’re getting a van!”

  1. ken Says:

    There are lots of good news for HKDR. Sally, things are getting really bright and well for you and HKDR now. With so many good breed dogs surrendered, would they be originally given as Christmas gifts? If it is the case, there would be some more in a few months time.

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