Weds 6th January: In-and-out Tina, a mongrel!

I knew that Tina Tiny was a special dog when I found that although she looked like a puppy, she was in season and was therefore already a young adult.  She was very nervous about having a collar put on, or having a leash looped around her neck, when I tried to get her out of her AFCD kennel, and she kept pushing my hands away with her paws.  In fact it took the combined effort of trainer Mark and myself to manage it.  I guessed that the dog catcher’s noose had been a very traumatic experience for her, as it is for many of the dogs.

Although many vets refuse to spay a female dog when she’s in season, we don’t have any choice as a bitch in this condition can create chaos in a kennel environment.  So Tina arrived on Monday afternoon, was desexed on Tuesday and adopted today.  The family who have given her a whole new life are very lucky, as Tina is really a very special little dog.

Another surprise adoption today was Dylan, one of the new arrivals from Lamma.  He was probably the shyest of the bunch, and also the prettiest if you like black fluffy dogs (which I do).  He’s gone off to a lovely home in Discovery Bay and I’m sure that once he’s on his own he’ll show what a lovely boy he is.

Taking advantage of the space created by Dylan’s departure, I arrived at kennels today carrying another shy, black fluffy boy from Lamma.  Now I’m hoping that Dimple will be one of the lucky ones too.

I’ve been assessing all of the puppies on Lamma over the past couple of days, as it seems as though they change from puppy to doglet to dog in a very short space of time.  Satchel, Slipper and that group are five months old now,  their adult teeth are coming through and their barks are getting deeper.  Satchel and Johnnie have started coming on the morning walks so it’s time they  found themselves a home.  Like Tina, Satchel and Slipper are “mini dogs” who look like young puppies from their size, but looks can be deceiving as I know.  They will have one last chance at Whiskers’n’Paws this Sunday, and if they aren’t adopted they will have to move to kennels.

As fast as dogs are adopted there are new ones to take their place, and puppies to take the puppy spaces.  I had already taken Magnus and Magenta from AFCD, and today I added the other four from their litter.  They are very cute puppies and looks, sadly, count for a lot.  I have two really wonderful young females on Lamma, but although they have fantastic personalities and are exceptionally intelligent, I know that they will almost certainly never find homes.  They’re two of the ubiquitous sharpei crosses that make up a large percentage of the local dog population, and the hair on their faces is white which makes them look old even though they haven’t celebrated their first birthday yet.

The puppies that arrived at kennels as “nut cases”  have already changed into charming and exceptionally pretty youngsters, and  Almond in particular is a real heart-melter.  For the time being this litter will be staying at kennels, at least until I have shifted enough of the Lamma puppies to make space for them.  I’m hoping that won’t be necessary and that they’ll all disappear (into homes, of course).

Things are at last starting to move on the new kennels front, and tomorrow I’ll be meeting with Swire to sign the license agreement on the Tung Chung site.  The Buy a Brick campaign is about to be officially launched, and the “bricks” will be with us very soon.  The new HKDR flyers are undergoing their facelift to include the new address and other updated information, and all our energy is being channelled into pulling everything together in the very short time that we have to build our Lantau establishment.  It’s exciting and scary, and by far the biggest challenge that HKDR has had to face – apart from the ever present challenge of finding homes for the dogs, of course.  Keep reading for the latest news ………..


3 Responses to “Weds 6th January: In-and-out Tina, a mongrel!”

  1. Vivian Chan Says:

    Very SURPRISED and very happy for Dylan! He is the shyest of the pup field. He would only stay from far with the tail down watching the rest of the enthusiastic pups pushing to come close to human.

  2. Jesslyn Cheong Says:

    How much a brick will approximately be? Since I want to reserve a brick as I’ll go to Australia for studies soon…

    • Sally Says:

      The bricks will come in $100, $500 and $1000 denominations. Remember these aren’t physical bricks but postcard bricks. So you can buy them for friends and send them as gifts. We will just need to collect all of the “bricks” to add to the wall once we have the kennels up and running.

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