Tues 5th January: More baby pups

I’m watching, and listening to, the baby pups I had to bring back to Lamma as they try to negotiate a one inch drop from their big inside cage to the freedom of the balcony.  It’s proving to be too much for one of them and she’s howling in anguish ….. (break: I couldn’t bear it and had to help her down).

I’ve had to rig up a safe environment for two baby pups who were returned unexpectedly from their foster home,  and two others who have been camping at the kennels for a few days.  I had been avoiding having any new pups on Lamma because of the recent parvovirus outbreak, but there was no choice when the two suddenly appeared.  Hopefully we can find new foster homes where the pups can stay until they’re old enough for homing.

My two ex-sick puppies are making up for lost time and don’t stop eating, a big change from a week ago when I couldn’t get anything down them.  The turnaround is remarkable, and I can only wonder again at the resilience of puppies.  They should have been dead long ago according to the text books.

2-yr Scottie girl dumped on a hillside

New dogs that are being surrendered in the run-up to Chinese New Year: tomorrow another one year-old golden retriever is coming to kennels, as well as a Scottie dog.  We don’t see many of these (they’re like a black version of a Westie), and I’m sure neither dog will have to wait long for a new home.  Someone called about re-homing their two year-old King Charles spaniel, and by day’s end we had a new home for the dog.  Easy, but sad too when there are so many dogs that will never be adopted.

I’m being asked a lot about the Buy a Brick campaign and when/where the “bricks” will be available.  They’re being printed at the moment so I hope it won’t be long before they’ll be ready.

(Just looking at the baby pups again and now they’re jumping in and out quite happily.  It takes seconds for them to learn something new.  Clever little critters.)

I’m hoping that we can start work on the new kennel site very soon.  The holiday break had everything on hold while the key players were out of town, so now we can get moving.  I’ve roped in a volunteer Project Coordinator, Michael Tam, who will be the main contact person for anyone who has offered to help.  Obviously we need as much help as we can get, whether it’s donations of goods or expertise or muscle power. Michael will be contacting everyone who has emailed me so he can see what we have and what we still need (which is just about everything!).

We still urgently need dog walkers …… read this   http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/12/14/the-best-walking-partner-man-vs-dog/


2 Responses to “Tues 5th January: More baby pups”

  1. Biu Mui Says:

    good luck with the scottie, the ones I’ve seem in DB bite human as well as dogs.

    • Sally Says:

      Yes, they’re typical terriers. There is one living close to me on Lamma and he’s a little terror! You have to love them for their strong personalities, but you also need to understand the breed if you want to have one in your home.

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