Mon 4th January: Two starts

I had to leave the house at 7am to get to the RTHK studio for 8.30am (an exercise which reminded me why I ask others to stand in for me when invited on to these shows), and then again at my usual early afternoon time. My dogs have to be walked and they won’t go with anyone but me, so I needed to go back to Lamma to make sure they all got their daily run.  While I was out at the unusual time, Minky and Sparkle ate yet another pair of my reading glasses, a phone charger, the plastic handle of a pair of scissors and several puppy vaccination cards that I’d (obviously foolishly) left on my desk.  I’m now wearing a pair of glasses held together with silver duct tape – very attractive.

We’re still waiting for the two groups of dogs to come from other AFCD centres and it’s frustrating as we’ve had several enquiries about them.  They could be in homes by now.  It’s not that we’re actively looking for more dogs – far from it – but these are small breeds like pugs, a Yorkshire terrier and a French bulldog, and they’re relatively easy to place.

Almost all of our dogs come from the Pokfulam Animal Management Centre (to give the AFCD kennels its full name), and even after we move to Lantau this will still be our main “supplier”. 

Today’s lucky two were Tina and Becky. I thought both were puppies because of their size, but when I noticed that Tina was in season I realised that she must be around eight months old.  She looks like a shiba inu in size and shape, but she’s the wrong colour for that breed.  Becky is a full on “I love everyone” five-month puppy, and she soon helped Tina to relax.

We found another ‘training aid” today.  Corgi Cooper is generally an affectionate and easygoing young dog, but something or someone has made him very anxious around food and food bowls.  It’s like Jekyll and Hyde at feeding times, and today he had a long session with trainer Mark, with Alice (also a certified trainer) and myself assisting.  After Cooper’s impressive impersonations of Count Dracula, we all agreed that his behaviour must have been due to something that had been done to him in the past.  Session over, Cooper decided to move to the washroom and refused to leave, threatening anyone who went near him.  Mark had already left at this stage so I volunteered for the job of persuading Cooper that he needed to vacate the room so others could use it, but pom Dizzy did the job for me.  As soon as I opened the baby gate to the office, Dizzy shot into the washroom and told Cooper in no uncertain (doggie) terms that he was an idiot and to stop his ridiculous behaviour.  The result was instant, and a sheepish corgi walked quietly back into the office. 

While dog owners are trying to make Hong Kong  a more dog-friendly place, there is a creeping anti-dog campaign going on at various residential complexes that have previously either allowed dogs, or have turned a blind eye to them being there.  Bedford Gardens is one of these and these types of notices are being sent out:

“According to clause 7.15 of the DMC, dogs are not allowed in the Bedford Gardens.

The Management Office has recently found out that there is a dog in your flat.  We would appreciate if you could remove your dog before Oct 31,2009.  If this is not done before the deadline, OI would have no other choice but to take legal action.”

Don’t you love the way it’s worded. “Remove your dog” like the animal is nothing more than a piece of unsightly rubbish.  These are dogs that have been with their owners for years, and Bedford Gardens isn’t the only place where this is happening.  Please make sure that if you move into a new house or apartment that you are legally allowed to keep a pet, or you may find the same kind of letter dropping through your letterbox one day soon.

We are really short of dog walkers this week, so please come and help out if you are already a registered volunteer, and if you haven’t yet signed up – now’s the time.  Even if we’re going to be moving and you don’t think you’ll be able to come all the way to Tung Chung, please don’t forget that we still have to exercise the dogs before that time.  We’re also thinking about ways in which we can make it easier for volunteers to get to our new site after the move, and for that we’ll need a van.  In fact we’ll need a van for the dogs too, and that will be at the top of our Wish List.  

Another don’t forget: this Saturday 9th we have our big sale at the Excelsior Hotel, Kellett Room 3, 3/F.   There will be tons of stuff for you and your dogs, and doors open at 11am so get there early.


5 Responses to “Mon 4th January: Two starts”

  1. Gene Lin Says:

    The anti-dog gang probably left all the mystical (poisonous) dog foods on the street. 😦

  2. Angie Says:

    Hi … I live around the corner from the Bedford Gardens complex of 12 towers. Last year the Management Company posted up notices telling people to get rid of their dogs by a certain date stated on the poster. Now we are talking about a very old complex which has allowed dogs to live there ( and have turned a blind eye for years ) some homes with two dogs even. After the stated date the Management Company started taking photo’s and video of people with their dogs. Under the law people are not allowed to do this with- out a persons consent as you never know where and now this is going to be used against you in the future. Not only did they use tatics such as this one but even sent dog owners a letter to say they would freeze the deeds to their building if they didn’t get rid of the dog. All of this is totally against the law !!
    So dog owner had no choice but to stand firm which they did do and call in a lawyer to remind the Management of the law and all photo / video taking must stop straight away.
    Present day – individual dog owners have started to receive lawyers letters from the Management again to get rid of their dog by a certain date. Shouldn’t Management be using your monthy payment for the buildings repairs / cleaning materials / rubbish removal etc etc not taking you the resident to court and using your very own money ???
    The people who have received these letters …..2 owners have dogs the size of a cat that I know of.

  3. eu Says:

    it’s totally unreasonable that estate management ask people to get rid of their dogs, which are like children to the family. what kind of social value is this?! while i was living in Mei Foo, similar incident happens to a Goldie (need to be removed due to neighbour complaint, but the dog is a Dr. Pet already). lucky that the owner worked in a law firm for many years, and he won the case with his legal knowledge agaist the estate management. now nearly all dog owners in Mei Foo know this Goldie, and the owner opened a pet beauty salon in the area. what a happy ending to those who fight for reason and love.

  4. sue kuok Says:

    only one name for these people….IDIOTS!!!

  5. Siew Yen Says:

    Many people here have an almost irrational fear of dogs. Parents teach their kids that the dogs will maul them to death. Adults jump at the sight of one (especially mongrels). The only interaction they have with animals in general must be on the dining table.

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