Sun 3rd January: Sweet Nancy

Sweet Nancy wearing one of the "adopt me" bandanas

I want to introduce Nancy, one of the sweetest (older) puppies imaginable and still without a home.  She was taken on a week’s trial at one point to see if the resident older terrier would accept another dog in the house, but after a month, and just when I assumed she would be staying put, Nancy was returned.  Then she was adopted again almost immediately, but was returned without the reasons being exactly clear.  Now around eight months old, Nancy is an outsider at the Lamma house, not accepted by all the other dogs because she has spent time away.  Her highlight of the week is going to Whiskers’n’Paws on Sundays, and she can’t wait to jump on the sampan to get there.  The staff at the store adore her because she is such an easy and loving doglet.  She’s soft, pretty, great with children and other dogs – and she needs a home!

It was hard for Mandy to get this photo as Poppy was shaking so much

First timers at the puppy homing afternoon included Poppy, the puppy I found while driving around the New Territoies looking for potential kennel sites.  Normally a very happy and confident pup, she trembled and shook, and I think she put off a potential adopter because of her fear.  I hope next week she’ll be more comfortable.  There’s nothing not to love about Poppy.

The many baby pups that went into foster homes over the past couple of months are coming up to their adoption age, so over the coming Sundays there will be a lot of new puppies to choose from.  I’ll keep taking my mini-dogs like Satchel and Slipper, as even though they’re now five months old and their adult teeth are breaking through, they’re so small they still look very puppy-like.  Like Nancy, the love their Sunday afternoons and have a blast zooming round the terrace at top speed.  In fact, these Sunday outings are like a big party for all of the dogs that come.

Ziggy, the incredibly sweet shih tzu boy, finally found a home today.  I don’t know why he waited as long as he did, but I hope the adopters love him as much as we all did at the kennels.  One little dog who didn’t have to wait at all was a Maltese who was surrendered only yesterday and adopted today.  He’s what we call an in-and-out dog.

My two sick puppies are finally starting to eat, and I really think that they’ve turned the corner and will make a full recovery.  It’s been a long and difficult time, and every morning I went into the bathroom (the temporary hospital) expecting to find at least one of them had died during the night.  I have no idea what gave them the strength to pull theough, but they did it.

Don’t forget next Saturday’s big sale at the Excelsior Hotel, Kellett Room 3.  We’ll have everything from great dog beds and toys to our 2010 Calendars and diaries (reduced to clear).  See you there!


3 Responses to “Sun 3rd January: Sweet Nancy”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I adopted Disney (now Jesse) when he was 3.5 months. We’ve had him for nearly 2 months now. I have an older dog Billy 8 years who really dislikes Jesse mainly when they are inside the house. When outside or having a walk he is starting to get used to Jesse. For adopters testing the waters to see if their current dog will allow a new dog please do consider it can take longer than a one month trial it may take a several months. Do consider to take them out for a lot of walks not just sitting in the house where room is constricted. Outside is neutral territory and they have more room to play outside. We love Jesse and he sometimes licks Billy’s face who doesn’t seem to mind unless Jesse overdoes it. Billy only allows this behaviour outide not in the house. Don’t give up. Your older dog may not become the new dogs best friend but they eventually enjoy having each other around.

    • Sally Says:

      Thanks Barbara. Giving a new dog time is the answer to almost all problems, whether there is already a dog in the home or not. It can be very scary for a dog to go to a strange place with strange people and they need to be given time, and space, to settle. We’ve seen this so many times, and it’s very disappointing when adopters don’t have the patience and return a dog after just a day or so.

  2. Tina Mischke Says:

    I found your post and posting my blog about Poppy, my puppy. I hope your Poppy finds the perfect home soon. My Poppy looks very much the same (see pics on blog). Take care!

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