Sat 2nd Jan: A very good start

I had a day at home today, not exactly a day off as I took the opportunity of doing my monthly accounts, but I wasn’t at kennels to see the stream of potential, and actual, adopters coming through the gates.

First to go was the new labrador, Jason, and not a surprise as young labs never stay with us for long.  We just made sure he was desexed as soon as he arrived so he would be ready for his new home immediately.

The lovely Miss Piggy

Some long-terms volunteers may remember a lovely black sharpei cross who came to us a long time ago from another shelter.  Her name was Miss Piggy, and she was such a sweet and gentle girl but she refused to go out for walks, so it was a lovely surprise when she was adopted.  Apparently Miss Piggy died recently, and while that’s always sad news her adopters came back today to take another dog – and left with two.  One of them was Maddie, the first of the recent arrivals from Lamma to find a home, and Paddy, who only came to us from AFCD on the 23rd of December.  As an adult mongrel I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be chosen as quickly as this, so the news was a fantastic bonus.

Another unexpected adoption was Jazzy, a pom cross girl with a strong opinion about who she liked and who she didn’t.   She spent some time at Whiskers’n’Paws as a temporary shop girl, and was eventually adopted but ended up coming back.  Politeness stops me from making any further comments, other to say that it wasn’t Jazzy’s fault.  I’ll leave it at that.  Anyway, Jazzy left for a new home today and this time I hope that it will be her last one.

Shih tzu Tilly was adopted from her foster home thanks to our behind-the-scenes team.  Lovely Tilly is a mature lady who came to us from AFCD in early November and was lucky enough to be placed in a great foster while waiting for her forever home.  If you can help take care of dogs like Tilly, please let Maria know (  We do try to get as many of the small dogs out of kennels as possible, and fostering is perfect for those who would like a dog but can’t make a long term commitment.  Little Taco went from the office to a new foster home today.

We were expecting three ten year-old shih tzus to be surrendered today, but the man who was giving them up decided that it was too inconvenient to bring them all the way to Pokfulam, so he handed them over to AFCD instead.  Now we have to get them out, when we find out which centre they’re in that is.  The man can’t remember.  He’d remember even less if I had my way.

I had a lovely surprise of another kind today in the form of a solid  poo from one of my sickly puppies.  You know when you’ve been in this business a long time when something like that makes you happy!


2 Responses to “Sat 2nd Jan: A very good start”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Oh no Miss Piggy….what did she die of? She was just the sweetest of dogs, poor baby RIP.

    • Sally Says:

      Miss Piggy (Poppy) was hit by a car when the family moved to a new house and she was disorientated and jumped over the garden fence. She really was the sweetest of dogs.

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