Weds 30th December: Avalanche warning

The avalanche of Christmas/New Year dogs seems to have started already.  Someone wanted to surrender a husky puppy given to them as a gift – and they live in public housing where no dogs are allowed – and someone else wants to surrender a six-month schnauzer puppy because he has no time to take care of it.  Any person with even an ounce of intelligence would have thought of that before buying a puppy (both cases), but  common sense isn’t that common after all.

1-yr old Jason

We took in a young labrador today, although I have to say he is what I call  Hong Kong labrador.  He looks the part and is a lovely boy,  but he has black splodges all over his tongue.  It’s bad enough that so many people insist on buying a breed from the awful pet shops, but what they’re being sold in their ignorance are often just lookalikes.   There’s nothing wrong with lookalikes, or complete mixes,  it’s just that the pet shops are conning customers knowing that the majority wouldn’t know a head from a tail.

Frenchie boy "Baguette"

We have these dogs coming in from other AFCD centres: French bulldog, Yorkshire terrier, pug, border collie, schnauzer and dalmation, all young and healthy, all abandoned.

Dalmation girl Pasta

We did some re-shuffling of the dogs at kennels today when a couple of the new intake from Lamma turned out to be bullying the smaller ones.  It’s like one of those puzzles where you have to move the squares around to make a pattern, but you have to shift all the others to be able to get the right square into the correct position.  So we pore over the kennels plans muttering ‘if we move him there, we can move her there, then those two there’ and so on.  Then we have to see if the dogs accept each other, and if not we start again.

Here’s something for all of you who are creative and like a challenge: how to make a dog-proof dog bed?  We are constantly having to repair and replace our dog beds, as the dogs bounce on them breaking the frames, and chew and dig at the covers until they are ripped and useless.  All dogs love and need a comfortable bed to sleep on, but there must be a solution to the never-ending destruction.  I have an idea which I’ll try, but  when we move to our new site it would great to be able to install beds that will last longer than a few days, or even months.  Ideas needed please!

If you’re still wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve, why not go to the Vero party where all raffle proceeds will come to HKDR?  Details are up on the website homepage.  Whatever you have planned, have fun!


7 Responses to “Weds 30th December: Avalanche warning”

  1. Diana Says:

    How about using a hard plastic basin (one that we use to bath babies)? Cut an edge so that the dog can step in. You can put towels cushions and even toys in there. More durable. I’ve been using same one for my former dog and present one for over 17 years now. Sorry I don’t know how to attach a picture of it in this blog.

  2. Diana Says:

    How about some old suitcases for the big doggies?

  3. Simon Says:

    Dog beds…
    Rather than an indestructible bed, perhaps the best solution is to have beds that are designed to be chewed up and easily recycled/disposed of. After all, chewing the bed may be relieving stress/boredom.

    I can imagine a kind of bed made from compressed, recycled newspaper/cardboard – a sort of heavy-duty version of the old egg-box material. A bed made like this ought to be a very low cost solution. [You could also make disposable cat litter trays this way, by the way. I also seem to remember a suggestion that coffins could be made out of recycled material like this – a much more environmentally friendly solution.] Perhaps you could sell these for HKDR (dog beds, cat litter trays – not necessarily coffins)?

    • Sally Says:

      I think towels in a base might do that job. I know my dogs love to rip them up (that’s why we always need towel, sheets etc). Compressed cardboard would get very soggy when wet and it might not be that cheap to keep replacing, but it’s along the right lines. Thanks, and keep the ideas coming ……

  4. Susanna Says:


    I am not sure what you are currently using for dog beds – but we have had good luck with Kuranda products. They have beds with aluminum frames available and a replacement & repair guarantee. Not completely indestructible – but they seem to last long.

    They also have a donation program set up specifically for shelters.


    • Sally Says:

      Hi Susanna,
      We use Kuranda beds but they don’t have the aluminium frames available here, not does the donation programme extend to Hong Kong unfortunately. The replacement guarantee doesn’t either.

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