Tues 29th December: Hooray for Susannah

Sweet Susannah homed at last

Susannah was one of a group of three caught by the AFCD dog catchers on Cheung Chau.  She’s such a pretty dog, with an obvious beagle look about her but spotty rather than patchy, and so sweet she just melts your heart.  I can’t imagine where these dogs came from or how they ended up together as all are different in looks and age, but both Susannah and pup Georgia came down with parvovirus shortly after arriving at our kennels.  Luckily, being just that bit older gave them the strength to fight the terrible disease and both survived, with Georgia going off to a new home shortly afterwards.

Susannah waited far longer that I thought she would, but she finally left for her new home today and I couldn’t be happier.

The timing was perfect as it made space for the new puppies that arrived from AFCD.  These pups will stay at kennels rather than come to Lamma to reduce the risk of infection, as my two parvo pups are still hanging on in there and the virus is lurking.

The new litter are timid and scared to varying degrees, and I decided they were nutcases who needed suitable names.  So we have Peanut, Pecan, Brazil, Hazel, Mac(adamia),  Pistachio and Almond (the prettiest of the bunch).  They need to be handled to get them used to human contact, but after today’s visit to the vet for vaccinations Alice, Kathy and I ended up covered in poo.  It’s a natural reaction when a dog or puppy is scared, but it can catch you unawares if you’re not paying attention. 

There’s a bull terrier at AFCD that needs help.  She’s a very friendly dog, but bull terriers are often not great with other dogs and we don’t have the space at our kennels to risk bringing her in.  She’s been waiting for some time now, and this breed don’t cope at all well with being confined.  We’ve seen it in other bull terriers that we’ve had, and now I’ve been told that the girl at AFCD is starting to lose her hair through stress.  Can anyone offer her a home, even temporarily so we can see how she is?  Bumper, the last bull terrier we had was a lovely boy, and he’s doing very well in his new home. Please help if you can.  I’ve asked for a stay of execution for a couple of days but after that she will be destroyed.  She really is a sweet dog.

It’s a frustrating time of year, with both Christmas and New Year meaning that so many people are away on holiday.  Adoptions are very slow, volunteer dog walkers are thin on the ground, and I can’t do anything about the new kennel site until 4th January when everyone is back at work.  We only have three months to achieve the almost impossible and I’m itching to get started.  At the moment I can nothing about it but scratch.


3 Responses to “Tues 29th December: Hooray for Susannah”

  1. Deidra W. Says:

    Hi, I volunteer at HKDR, and am VERY glad Susannah has finally found a home 😀 (yaaay!). She is a very sweet dog, and I remember coming by to greet her whenever I came for a shift, I hope she’s happy in her new home!

  2. Wayan Chan Says:

    Merry Christmas Sally (and to all the HKDR dogs, both in the kennels and across HK)!

    One present I got for Christmas was a book called THE DOG LISTENER, by Jan Fennell. I found it very useful to read, and would reccomend it to any dog owner. One of the founding principles of her “animal listening” philosophy is the concept of a dog being a pack animal, and that many dog behaviours relate to and depend on its perception of how it fits into the pack hierarchy (with humans included in that “pack”).

    I found that I was instinctively doing many of the things that she reccomends with my own dog (which was a relief!), but the book and the various chapters on various dog behaviour issues was an interesting read nevertheless and did give me a range of new ideas on how to I can best interact with dogs, espcially dogs that appear to have some kind of “problem behaviour”.

    Does HKDR have any kind of dog-book library? If not, perhaps we could start one, with books such as this one that volunteers could borrow?

    Wishing you a Happy New Year. xxx

    Wayan Chan
    Wayan Chan

  3. Rahmeena Says:

    What a piece of great news! I’m so happy that we finally found a new site for HKDR. Well…my prayers actually worked!! I’m sure the doggies plus many of us are really looking forward to a brand new look for HKDR. Congratulations!

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