Mon 28th December: Back to work

I spent too long at home working at my computer today, so had to make a mad last-minute dash to AFCD to get there before closing time at 4.30pm. It had been too long since my last visit and I knew that there would be dogs in there that needed to get out.

In the first kennel space was a gorgeous litter of puppies, picked up on Ap Lei Chau somewhere.  Of course all puppies (and baby animals) are cute, but these were especially pretty and I know they’ll find homes.  Parvovirus has been claiming the lives of both adult dogs and puppies at AFCD recently, and while it’s inevitable at this time of year I need to take these puppies as soon as I can to reduce the risk of them being infected.  There’s no space on Lamma, and I also have cases of parvovirus there (my bathroom is now an isolation ward), so what to do?

A very pretty pomeranian had been surrendered due to family allergies, or at least that was what I was told.  This type of  dog is easy to re-home, so Dizzy is now in the office at the kennels.  He seems happy to be there and even started playing with the other small dogs within a very short time.

I spotted a beagle and knew immediately that it was the same dog that someone had tried to surrender to our kennels the other day.  Alice had called me and I had told her to make sure the owner gave her the dog’s license, without which it’s not possible to re-home a dog, at least not without going through a process of getting an official surrender via AFCD.  So Alice sent the owner of the beagle off to collect the license, but of course AFCD was close by and easy and no questions asked.  Simply dump your dog and walk away.

I want to know why a dog owner can be fined for allowing the dog’s license to lapse, but you can surrender a dog to AFCD even without it being microchipped and rabies vaccinated and nothing is said.  All dogs by law must be chipped, licensed and have a rabies vaccination at 5 months, and I take surrendered dogs of all ages from AFCD which have neither.  It makes no sense.

Jasper needs a home again. He's young, big, bouncy and sweet, and that's official

The Old English Sheepdog, Jasper, that was adopted shortly after arriving at our kennels. was returned yesterday.  This is an interesting case, one of an impulse adoption because the dog is a breed, and young, but also of varying accounts from husband and wife as to why the dog was being returned.  We all agreed to go with the husband’s version, as he and his daughter came to visit Jasper yesterday and said he was a sweet dog, just big, young and playful.  Jasper is only 18 months old so is still very puppy-like, and he’s lovely – and that’s official!

There are all sorts of things that I have to start thinking about in relation to our upcoming move from Pokfulam.  Just one of those is that we’ll have to get new flyers printed showing our new address, and business cards, and everything else that has “698 Victoria Road, Pokfulam” on it.  All the dog licenses have the kennels address on them too. 

We’ve spent the last few years having to explain to people that although the address is Victoria Road, the kennels are actually on Cyberport Road.  Don’t ask me why this was never changed by the town planners or road name givers or whoever handles this sort of thing, but it’s led to frustration on both sides, and so many calls saying “I’m here at Cyberport but I can’t find the kennels”.  Now I have an awful feeling that we’ll be facing the same problem with the new kennel site.  Oh no!


5 Responses to “Mon 28th December: Back to work”

  1. Gary Chin Says:

    I would like to share that I have had the chance to walk Jasper this past Sunday and Monday. I must say he is a lovely sheepdog with all the characteristics of an OESD. Briefly speaking with Sally yesterday, I learned the background of Jasper and was upset after hearing the story.
    Perhaps Jasper can fill the void in our hearts since we lost our KasKae.

  2. Gary Chin Says:

    For directions, may I suggest a google map in the flyers/business cards.

  3. Cheryl Kwok Says:

    I take it after having read Gary Chin’s message that he has adopted Jasper which is why I haven’t received a reply to my message about adopting Jasper. I used to have an Old ENglish Sheepdog and still miss mine after 4 years. I hope you enjoy Jasper……………they’re fabulous dogs to own.

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