Sun 27th December: Holiday gatherings

Comparing the photos taken on Christmas Day with those from two days later, you’d think we were in different countries.  Mandy Chu’s photoblog is always a great source of the weekend’s doggy happenings, so rather than me duplicate them here check them all out on  You’ll see the T-shirts and sunglasses and the glorious sunshine, yet here we are now in the freezing cold and rain of a typical winter’s day.

Heyli, Susan, Ivy, Kathy, Justine, Vivian and me

A group of volunteers came over to Lamma in the morning laden with food, drink and very appropriate gifts for me – a lovely bodywarmer and a woolly hat.  Don’t laugh, but I’m wearing the hat now as the top floor of my house is freezing and I have no heating.  I have the radiators, but not  the wiring to support them.  If I plug in a heater, all the fuses and sockets blow, so a hat works very well, thank you.

A very welcome body warmer and hat/scarf

During the party, which was held outside the temple on the beach, there was another Christmas miracle, this time the Miracle of the Dried Beef.  Volunteer Vivian makes this herself at home (as well as dried chicken), so it’s pure and unadultered with no preservatives etc, and the dogs love it.  To prove my point terrier Gecko, who normally dreams of ripping my legs off, put on a great show of being my best friend if only I would give him some of that beef.

Even Chippy was lured to the table by the dried beef

Shy Chippy took a while to agree to even come near to the party and insisted on being carried (she still thinks she’s a baby), but once she tasted the Miracle Beef, she was right there with all the others – Teddy, Mina, Muji, Inky, Cinder and Murphy.  Vivian took some great photos which will be posted on our Facebook Fanpage, so have a look.

After the party finished, I left for Whiskers’n’Paws with the usual bunch of suspects including Satchel, Linus, April, Rover, Slipper, Nancy and Cinder.  I had been planning to take some of the younger puppies but, as luck would have it, two of them weren’t well and I didn’t want to risk homing puppies that might start coughing as soon as they arrived in their new homes.  It’s better to wait a week, and they’ll still be small and cute in seven day’s time.

By the time I arrived (wearing my new bodywarmer) it was already drizzling, so all the puppies were dressed in our very smart Hong Kong Dog Rescue raincoats before being set free on the terrace.  It was then that I discovered that I have been playing host to a gang of terrors, as every new dog that turned up was chased around the playground by my tiny thuglets wearing their distinctive black gangsta gear. 

Despite that, lucky April was adopted and will have a new brother in Flapjack, also adopted from HKDR.

April's new family (plus Flapjack waiting at home)


2 Responses to “Sun 27th December: Holiday gatherings”

  1. Daniel Hale Says:

    Love the bodywarmer babe

  2. Norma M Says:

    Porky and Gecko look like brothers.

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