Sat 26th December: Shep adopted at last


I found Shep at AFCD kennels as a very young singleton pup, barely four weeks old, very thin and with a sparse and flaky coat.  I suspect he’d been on his own for a while and wouldn’t have survived for much longer if he hadn’t been picked up.  Luckily I had a foster home that I knew would take in a baby in need, so Shep went straight there. 

Days and weeks went by, and Shep changed from a skinny foundling to a healthy puppy ready for a home of his own, but for some reason it just didn’t happen.  When he was about four months old, his foster family went on holiday and Shep had to come to Lamma, a difficult move for a dog when they aren’t used to living with so many others.  The puppies that come straight to Lamma as babies are easily integrated into the pack, while poor Shep had to find his way as an outsider.  He made friends with a couple of the older pups, especially Willow, another doglet who prefers a one-on-one friendship than the rough and tumble of a crowd.

Today was the day I’d been waiting for when Shep finally went off to a new home.  I took him (and another young puppy, Bruno) over to kennels in the early afternoon for the handover.  Bruno was in a travel crate, but Shep was on a leash for the sampan trip.  I’d taken a magazine to read as it’s the only time I ever have for such luxuries, and it was just as well.  Halfway across the Lamma Channel I noticed that Shep was looking a bit uncomfortable  and, recognising the signs, I was able to put the magazine down and hold Shep’s head over it just in time.  A freshly-eaten lunch came up, which then became a meal for the fish instead.  I settled down again, magazine ruined of course, but within seconds another huge pile of half-digested food appeared.  I was scrabbling in my bag for a plastic bag when up came another – and yet another.  By this time I was on my hands and knees, trying to keep hold of Shep’s leash and at the same time scoop up the various piles of vomit with only one plastic bag and an already soggy magazine.

Arriving at the kennels, Shep was feeling fine and acting as though nothing had happened.  He had a long car ride ahead, so I suppose it was just as well he’d left his lunch behind in the sampan.  I hope he’ll be very happy in his new home, and he is such a lovely and sweet boy he really deserves the best.


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