Fri 25th December: Thanks to all Xmas volunteers

My version of a holiday was to  share a dog-free Christmas lunch with friends, and by that I don’t just mean there were no dogs there, but also no “doggie people”.  Well, except a family who adopted two very old and small dogs from us, one of which has since died, but the other, Sherbert, has befriended the hamster.  They apparently love each other and take turns to groom one another.  I’ve asked for photos or a video, because that’s something I can’t wait to see.

I asked for all the leftover turkey and trimmings to take away (they must have thought I was a very sad person), and took them to the kennels for the dogs.  The food lasted about five seconds and I almost lost my fingers handing it out.  I was reminded of the time a couple of years ago when doing the same, and my finger was seriously bitten (only because the dog thought it was some turkey).

I was very happy to see so many volunteers had turned up to walk the dogs, but not surprised because I know how dedicated our volunteers are, and how much the dogs mean to them.  Thank you all, really.

The corgi that arrived on Thursday was with us for less than a day before being adopted.  I’m happy for him, but sad that it’s so easy for breeds but so hard for the mongrels.  Pug Cheese also had no trouble finding a home, in fact her paws barely touched the ground.   Here’s another lucky pug, Lewis, the ultra-friendly boy who thinks everyone is his best friend in the world.  I just love getting photos like these.

Lewis and his new family enjoying Christmas

After the news that we will definitely be moving to Tung Chung in March (goverment permitting), planning and fundraising will start in earnest.  The site is just an open piece of land with nothing but long grass, so there’s a huge amount of work to be done even to be able to put containers down.  These coming months will be busy, that’s for sure.

Master Porky has now moved to reform school on Lamma, while another delinquent, Jack Russell Zip, has moved out.  JR enthusiast and HKDR volunteer, Eddie, came over today to collect Zip and take him home where he’ll join Eddie’s group of rescued Jack Russells.   Which just goes to show that there’s a home for every dog if you wait long enough.


2 Responses to “Fri 25th December: Thanks to all Xmas volunteers”

  1. Norma M Says:

    Thank you Eddie for taking Zip. I know he will be very happy with you.

  2. Deb Debes Says:

    Tung Chung here we come! I wish that everyone will check out the MTR and buses and still come. To be with the dogs is joy indeed.

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