Weds 23rd December: Buy a Brick to Build new kennels

I went to AFCD in the afternoon to take out a dog that had been picked up in Sok Kwu Wan (Lamma) recently.  It was one of those semi-owned dogs who hang out at the many seafood restaurants in the bay, and the owner of the dog’s particular eaterie had said he would have the dog back.  Many appointments were made for us to meet at AFCD so the dog could be licensed in the man’s name, but he never showed up.  In the end I decided to take the dog out anyway, have it desexed, and then take it to Sok Kwu Wan myself. However, when I got to AFCD I was told that the dog was very sick, and I could see for myself that it was suffering (with parvovirus) and was beyond help.  I asked that the AFCD vet put the poor animal out of its misery, which was all I could do for it at that stage.

Another dog had been given up for Christmas, an eight year old cocker spaniel who is now called Tanner.  He’ll get his share of turkey at our kennels this year unless he gets a home, or at least a foster, by tomorrow.

I spotted a chihuahua in one kennel, and although he was picked up off the street I could see that this was a house dog only.  You can tell by the length of the claws whether or not a dog has ever been walked, and this little guy badly needed his nails clipping.  But that was the least of his problems as  one of his eyes was a mess, bright red with blood and obviously incredibly painful.  In cases like these, I can take a dog out before the regulation four days and this was an emergency.  It’s almost certain that the eye will have to be removed tomorrow.

It’s situations like these that make me want to check the AFCD kennels at least every other day because I never know if there will be a dog that urgently needs to get out.  Whether it’s vulnerable baby pups or a chihuahua with a ruptured eye, leaving them for even a day too long can mean the difference between life or death.  I know that parvovirus is lurking at the moment, and when adult dogs such as the one from Sok Kwu Wan and Susannah, the beautiful beagle cross I got recently, are being affected, it’s imperative that I remove the dogs as quickly as possible.

Some other dogs due in from other sources tomorrow are a one year old pom, unwanted after a relationship breakup, and a young corgi left in a pet shop after grooming.  That’s a very common situation.  Drop your dog off for a shampoo and never go back.

Marie, who used to handle adoptions at HKDR before moving to London, is now working at Battersea Dogs (and Cats) Home, a huge and famous establishment which will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year.  Back in Hong Kong for Christmas, Marie gave me the adoption pack and information that’s used at Battersea, and it’s very interesting reading.  Although I haven’t had time to digest it all yet (there are so many leaflets and booklets to get through), it was nice to see that we all share the same problems.  One of these is kennel cough, something that crops up with irritating regularity especially with the puppies.  At Battersea, the homing pack includes something along the lines of:  “Your dog may have kennel cough, and even if it’s not coughing when you take it home it will probably start within a day or so.”  It goes on to say that kennel cough is inevitable in a kennel where new dogs are being introduced every day, and basically it’s no big deal.  How refreshing to see such sensible information.

I briefly mentioned the Buy a Brick campaign in yesterday’s blog, and you will soon be seeing the “bricks” for sale.  They are actually “brick” postcards of varying denominations, and we are asking all our supporters to buy these “bricks” to help us build our new kennels.  When the time comes, all of the “bricks” (which have a space for names on them) will be pasted up on a (hopefully giant) wall of support.  Every brick will be as important as the next, and the more bricks we have, the more we can build.  As soon as the “bricks” are available, you can be sure I’ll let you know.


3 Responses to “Weds 23rd December: Buy a Brick to Build new kennels”

  1. Gene Says:

    I’ve saw the chihuahua on Wednesday, hope it’ll be ok, the eyes looks like in a really bad shape.

  2. Rach Says:

    Keep us posted on the bricks, would love to buy some!!

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