Tues 22nd December: Still waiting

I’m still waiting to hear about the Tung Chung site but in the meantime life goes on and things need to be done.

I rowed over to “Dog Island” in my dinghy to see if I could do anything about the dogs that had recently been dumped there, but apart from leaving them some food (there is fresh water there at least) there was nothing.  The two young dogs, still puppies and very thin, were on the beach but ran away as soon as I arrived, and the old dog who I was afraid was stuck on a rock, could actually get off and came for food, but only once I was out of the way. 

A teenage girl was seen dumping a very young pomeranian puppy girl in the street, but this time the pup was lucky because she was picked up and I had a home waiting. The adopters have already taken her to start a new life.  This was another pet shop impulse buy no doubt, one of many I’m sure will take place over the holiday period.

One-eyed puppy rescued from a rubbish bin

Another puppy was found in a rubbish bin,  this time not a breed although a very cute little guy.  He only has one eye and is very scared of people, but someone must have put him in there so I assume he’s not a wild puppy.  I think I’d be scared of people too if I had been dumped in a rubbish bin.

More upsetting than anything else is when we get news of dogs that have been adopted from HKDR and subsequently either abandoned, ending up at AFCD, or being advertised for adoption on one of the many pet websites.

Still only a young dog but she looks old due to being fed a diet of potato and snails

Tomorrow a dog that was adopted four years ago and is now homeless will be coming back to kennels.  There is also a dachshund who was apparently adopted from HKDR and is now looking for a new home, and a collie that ended up at another organisation who is now in a temporary foster home.  He came back in a shocking condition and had clearly been neglected.  He needs a home – urgently.

Riley after grooming

I spent the afternoon at the warehouse with a couple of volunteers sorting out all the boxes of toys and clothes and other bits and pieces left over from Peak to Fong.  We needed to get everything ready for the big New Year Sale at the Excelsior Hotel on 9th January, as well as just generally tidying the place up.  Christmas toys and decorations were put away until next year, and out came the dog coats in readiness for the cold months of January and February (not that it hasn’t been cold enough already).  We do have Christmas toys and stocking at the kennels if you still haven’t got round to buying your dogs their holiday treats.

I’m feeling very guilty that I haven’t even thought about Christmas myself, and that I’ve only sent a couple of cards while receiving many more.  Thanks to everyone who sent e-greetings and cards, and the wonderful donations.  We need these more than ever right now, as the move (whenever and wherever that will be) is going to cost a huge amount of money.  I haven’t even started to calculate an actual amount because I think it would be too scary.  We have had some pledges of goods, rather than cash, as in containers which can be converted to offices or kennels.  We won’t have time to build anything before moving in,  but containers can be made into just about anything if you know how.  We’ll also need things like air conditioners and all sorts of other stuff that I need to make a proper list of.  I’ve been putting it off until I know for certain that we have a site secured.

Tomorrow we’ll be unofficially launching our Buy a Brick to Build campaign to kick off our special fundraising efforts.  Postcard “bricks”  of varying denominations will be sold to raise money, and these bricks will eventually be pasted together on a Dedication Wall at the new kennels.  The “bricks” are currently under production and will be available soon, so keep an eye out for them.


4 Responses to “Tues 22nd December: Still waiting”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Christmas should be good news to all lives, but end up in despirate fate to some of the animals. When will people ‘wake up’ and aware what’s happening? God Bless ~~

  2. Alice Says:

    Hi Sally,
    Was Domino / Shep adopted?

  3. Trish Says:

    Will be in HK for a week and I hope to contribute to some of the postcard bricks.

    Have a blessed Christmas & may the relocation site be available for all dogs, big and small.

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